Hugh Hewitt Jumps Aboard the Trump Train (VIDEO)

Solid B Plus.

Yesterday, radio host Hugh Hewitt made a sudden U-turn and decided that he most likely would cast his vote for Donald Trump:

Via Politico:

Appearing on MSNBC Live with Steve Kornacki during the afternoon, Hewitt was asked where he stood on the GOP nominee going into the final days of the presidential election.
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“I wait on events. I’ve been surprised so much in this race. I don’t have to cast my absentee for another four or five days and I wait on events,” Hewitt said. “I’m inclined to cast it for Donald Trump but I have to wait and see what happens in this.”


Earlier in the month you may have seen this:

Of course, earlier in the month we didn’t know the Democrat nominee would be under investigation by two different divisions of the FBI by election day, either.

I’m not sure this is a huge surprise, Hewitt has always been a party loyalist when it comes down to it. Recall his support of George Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. And I expect that this will be more common on Tuesday than many people will ever admit. Even acknowledging that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds,” the factors that led Hewitt to ask Trump to withdraw have neither changed nor been mitigated in the past three weeks. The fact that Hillary Clinton is under investigation is simply proof that we have two wildly unacceptable candidates for president.



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