One Weird Fact About That "Hispanic" Shooter At the Cascade Mall

If you havent’ seen a lot of coverage of the shooting at Cascade Mall in Seattle, WA, Friday night that left five people dead you are not alone. Unlike any other mass shooting in US history since the advent of radio this horrendous act has virtually disappeared from headlines in less than 48 hours. If you’ve followed the history of this case it is illustrative for several reasons.


Suspect was identified as “Hispanic”

Shortly after the shooting the police released surveillance video of the shooter.


They identified the suspect as “Hispanic.”

Just one problem.

The shooter was a 20-year-old Turkish immigrant to the United States named Arcan Cetin. And he was a member of the Religion of Peace. One could nearly smell the political correctness blowing from the exhaust vents at the Seattel PD as they leapt at the straw that the gunman was Hispanic.

And the gun…

Cetin was a convicted felon and unable to buy a firearm. So he stole a .22-caliber hunting rifle from his father. The freakin thing was not only not an AR-15 it wasn’t black and it didn’t look scary.

It wasn’t terrorism

This is an exact quote from USA Today and I swear I’m not making this up

Despite rumors about Islamic terrorism, authorities said during a news conference late Saturday there is no evidence of the shooting being terror-related.

The motive remains unclear, but law enforcement sources told KING-TV Cetin’s ex-girlfriend used to work at the Macy’s where the shooting happened. However, she has not worked there in months and now lives in another county.


The reason this shooting is not getting wall-to-wall coverage is damned simple to explain. The shooter is a Muslim immigrant. The weapon was obtained illegally and aesthetically unobjectionable. The lack of a clear motive hints that the motive was very clear. This caps off a week in which virtually every one of Donald Trump’s critiques of society was proven correct.

If it doesn’t fit the narrative it doesn’t matter.


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