ANOTHER POLL SHOCK. Donald Trump Leading In Colorado

ANOTHER POLL SHOCK. Donald Trump Leading In Colorado

Pretty incredible.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey released this week gave Trump a narrow edge in a two-way race, 43 percent to 41 percent — his first lead in Colorado in the 2016 election. It follows two other recent polls showing the presidential race as a dead heat or within 5 percentage points…

“Anybody who thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the state of Colorado by double digits was dreaming,” said Ridder, a veteran of six presidential campaigns. “The history in Colorado shows that it is difficult for a Democrat or a Republican to get over 50 percent of the vote.”…

Republican pollster David Flaherty at Magellan Strategies conducted a Aug. 29-31 poll that showed Clinton with a 41 percent to 36 percent lead among likely voters in a four-way race, just outside the 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

But he cautions against Trump’s camp getting too optimistic. “Trump is not gaining in momentum or support. Gary Johnson is,” he said, referring to the Libertarian candidate for president, who is getting significant support in Colorado.

Keep in mind that Colorado went for Obama by over 5 points in 2012 and by 9 points in 2008 which should have made Colorado a gimme for Clinton. In fact, the Democrats were so confident of winning Colorado that the pulled their planned advertising back in July.

Trump is also leading in Nevada though that is something less of a surprise that Colorado.

When you put that in context with Trump gaining on Hillary in national polling and another poll showing Trump leading Clinton by 5 in Ohio, you have to conclude something unexpected is definitely going on.

It is probably a lot of things. There is the weight of her email scandal, there is the Clinton Foundation, there is her health, there is her unprecedented lack of trustworthiness which prevents her from believably answering questions (the also the lying which prevents her from telling the truth but the issue is that her lies are no longer believed), and there is the fact that she is basically sleepwalking through this campaign.

Regardless, day by day Trump is looking stronger and Clinton is looking more and more like a loser.

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