Jorge Ramos: Bad Manners Are A Lot Worse Than Incompetence And Criminality

FILE - In this Aug. 25, 2015 file photo, Miami-based Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, left, asks Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a question about his immigration proposal during a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa. Donald Trump is used to controlling his world like the boss he is. But as president, he’d answer to the people. And so far in the rollicking 2016 presidential contest, he’s showing little willingness to dial down his because-I-said-so style. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

Today TIME magazine featured an op-ed by alleged journalist Jorge Ramos. The piece is titled Judgment Day Is Coming For Those Who Stay Silent on Donald Trump. The title is intriguing and, were in written by a man with more than a baker’s dozen of neurons firing it could be provocative. But it wasn’t. If you haven’t followed the career of Ramos, you haven’t missed anything. He has two themes: a) America is evil and b) we need open borders. Actually, there is a third theme: c) Republicans are evil incarnate. Ramos is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party who acts like Al Sharpton with a press pass. To the extent that Ramos has journalistic credentials, he has made them as being the “go-to-Hispanic” journalist. Period.


This is his basic argument:

The day after the election will be too late. It was too late when we realized that there were no weapons of mass destruction after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. That horrible error of judgment by the Bush administration—and the lack of strength by those opposing the war—cost thousands of American and Iraqi lives.

To demonstrate Ramos’s utter divorce from the reality of “news” let me point out a) we recovered thousands of chemical weapons in Iraq, b) the CIA purchased hundreds, if not thousands, more as Saddam’s regime crumbled, 3) US soldiers were injured by exposure to Iraqi chemical weapons. Say what you will about the aftermath but this incessant lying about the existence of chemical weapons in Iraq needs to stop.

Regardless of whether Donald Trump wins or loses, we will be asked on November 9th: What did you do? Did you support him? Were you brave enough, ethical enough, to challenge him when he insulted immigrants, Muslims, women, war heroes and people with disabilities? Are you on the record correcting his lies? Did you discuss with your friends and family that in a democracy like ours there is no room for racism and discrimination? Or did you just seat idly, silently, allowing others to decide the future of the United States?

Because you will be asked.

Let’s clear away the undergrowth there. Insulting immigrants isn’t necessarily racist. Insulting Muslims might be in bad taste to some, but, in the context of a discussion of terrorism, Islam and Muslim immigration has to be discussed. Look at France and Belgium and Germany if you have doubts. I also confess to being unaware that people with disabilities and “war heroes” constitute a race. I would have a lot of qualms signing onto Trump’s rhetoric but you can’t gloss over the fact that a lot of crime is committed by illegal aliens, particularly ones who have been deported several times for felonies. Like the guy who shot Katie Steinle in San Francicsco. Trump’s rhetoric is certainly crude and bombastic but all Ramos is doing is refusing to confront the crux of the argument made by Trump (at least at the time he was making it) by labeling everything he says as racism. This is lazy thinking of the most puerile sort.


And he goes on:

Many Republicans are going through the same process with a broken heart. They clearly dislike Hillary Clinton. Her continuous problems with the e-mails, and the questions about how the Clinton Foundation has operated, only reinforce their belief that she is not trustworthy. But how can they support Trump when he makes irrational and insensitive statements? [italics are mine]

This is stunning. The only way Democrats could be voting for Hillary without a broken heart is because they are completely devoid of either conscience or sense of shame. In fact, if one were judging the candidates based strictly on demonstrated performance, then Donald Trump is the hands down winner. At least he hasn’t allowed Americans to be killed and betrayed top secret information and used the office of the secretary of state for personal financial gain. Where Trump has insulted John McCain (and who among us has not done this?), Hillary Clinton has inferred that the families of her Benghazi victims are liars. I’m sorry that Ramos has his lace panties all wadded up over Trump’s insensitivity but you really can’t use that as a reason to excuse Hillary Clinton Nobel Prize quality incompetence, her estrangement from truth and ethics, and her congenital criminality.

My opposition to Trump is based on the sure knowledge that Trump, in additional to being a reprehensible human being, is morally, temperamentally, and intellectually unsuited to be President of the United States. The rub is we know this is equally true about Hillary Clinton. And for Hillary we have ample empirical evidence of that unsuitability.


But he’s right about one thing. Trump supporters, if he wins, will have a lot to answer for. And, in my view, the biggest thing they will have to answer for is turning America over to Democrat governance for a generation. Clinton supporters, if she wins, will likewise have to answer for the corruption, malfeasance, misery, deaths, and hardship that will follow in her wake.

Unfortunately, they both can’t lose and, regardless of the pipe dreams, the deck is heavily stacked against minor party candidacies. This means that either Trump or Clinton will win. It means that most Americans will have to repress a gag reflex and vote for one or the other of those incompetents. Or, as I will, opt out of voting for anyone for president.

What is inexcusable, though, is actually supporting either Clinton or Trump. And those who boosted their candidacies and actively supported them will have a lot to answer for. In this regard, Jorge Ramos will have as much to answer for as anyone working at Breitbart.


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