Low Energy Donald Trump Cancels Events In Three States

Life on the trail is hard for seventy-year-old guys. Life is even harder if you are a shallow, thin-skinned poseur who really has no interest in anything but personal aggrandizement. But I digress. Anyway, on the heels of firing alleged Russian mob fixer and probable felon Paul Manafort and giving a somnolent speech in Fredericksburg, VA, Trump has pulled a Hillary Clinton. He’s dropped out of sight. Gone to ground.


Donald Trump has canceled at least three events this month.

On Monday, outlets in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon reported that Trump events set to go on in their states were canceled, though in Nevada and Colorado, Trump is still slated to attend fundraisers.

Two of the cancellations make sense. Oregon is a blue state and the only reason he should be campaigning there is if he thought he could run the table in November. That is unlikely. And Trump’s political skills have converted Colorado from a Purple state into a Blue one so his presence there wastes money and does more harm than good. It is his cancellation in Nevada, where he hasn’t yet destroyed his chances of winning the state, that says something else is at play.

It could be that his new campaign staff is planning on rolling out a game changing strategy (hahahahaha) and they need the time to prep. It could be that Trump has decided he just doesn’t care anymore and isn’t even going through the motions. It could be that he’s thinking about dropping out of the race and doesn’t see the point in giving speeches when he’s not going to be the candidate much longer. It could be pig-headed arrogance and the conviction that he’s a break-out candidate who simply doesn’t have to do anything by the traditional playbook.


This is Trump, after all.



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