REVEALED. Inside Donald Trump's Secret And Successful Campaign To Destroy #NeverTrump


Look at the RedState front page for the past few days weeks months . We’ve been largely a chronicle of the hi-jinks and misadventures of Donald Trump and the collection incompetents and imbeciles  rivaling the composition of your typical board of education that he has managed to bring together.


This has provoked some justified outrage in from the community:

Okay, so what?! Seriously. What’s the point of articles like this anymore? Trump is a disaster. We all know that, well most of us anyway. The point is the presidential election is over for principled conservatives. We should be focusing on helping good conservative candidates for Congress and the Senate. Enough of this Trump bashing. Look, I’m #NeverTrump too, but it makes no sense to keep writing these kinds of articles unless there is an award available to the Biggest NeverTrump Internet Writer that I am not aware of. Let’s focus our efforts on electing conservatives. Since there isn’t a conservative in the presidential race, let’s just move on from that one. Conservatives are at their best when they argue ideas and fight for people. Articles like this are none of that. It’s sounding petulant. At least that’s my opinion.

At first I was sort of irritated at the comment. What do people want to read? Cookie recipes? I have quantitative evidence that demonstrates any article that doesn’t involve Donald Trump, his douchebaggery, or a reaction to his douchebaggery in some way is going to get a small fraction of the readers that any Trump related story gets. So why would a writer spend time writing something that essentially isn’t going to be read or tweeted or shared of Facebook?


Then it occurred to me that maybe there is a method at work here. Really. How many times have you ever heard a candidate defended by having his spokesperson call him a liar? And no one in the traditional media even batted an eye. How many times can I, or anyone else, write a story documenting Trump’s duplicity and unfitness? Hell, we haven’t even got to the convention yet. Can we sustain this until November? Or through a Trump presidency? Who will be exhausted first? The writers or the readers?

What we are actually seeing is a replay of the old Bill Clinton playbook. There is so much unsavory, dishonest, and patently illegal stuff going on that writers become jaded and weary and readers become jaded and weary. How long until the media and late night comedians begin to joke about how clever and brazen Trump is in his disregard for the truth or any of its near relatives? How long until people who strongly oppose Trump will be reduced to caricatures of a hapless old Bob Dole wailing “where is the outrage” while Trump supporters are saying the is all old news and Jim Hoft and Breitbart and other Branch Trumpidians start telling us it is time to “move on?”

Not only are the RNC and the GOP establishment moving to make peace with Donald Trump but people who have declared him unfit, keep that word unfit in mind, for the presidency, like Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul, have now suddenly discovered that he may be unfit but just not all that unfit. Sure they are doing this partially out of party unity but they are also seeing that Trump, like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, is indestructible. The attacks on him have not only failed to hurt him, they seem to make him stronger.


The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Trump is swamping us before the first vote is even cast. By the time November 8 rolls around I’ll be posting dancing cat videos or naked selfies from a mental institution.



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