Donald Trump, Jr., Says Trump Will Deport 11 Million Illegal Aliens And Other Stupid Stuff

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“Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

So Donald Trump surrogate, Donald Trump Jr., was on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union this morning. The only news he made was in affirming that Donald Trump full intends to build a wall and forcibly deport some 11 million people and, surprise, now everyone thinks it is a great idea.


Just keep repeating the Justice Holmes quote to yourself as you listen to feckless git talk:

DONALD TRUMP JR.: Well, listen, Jake, I think there’s aspects of things where he will take things to a level that they need to be taken to, to be able to draw attention to it.

If you look at any of the issues that he’s spoken about, he will talk about them in a way that no one else has spoken about them. He will take them to a certain level.

And guess what? An issue that was taboo or no one wanted to touch, all of a sudden, people are actually talking about it. So it’s not that it’s an act, but sometimes he does have to talk about things in a certain way to be able to draw the requisite attention that that topic actually needs.

No one else will touch it if he hasn’t done that. So, I think, for him, this is a very natural evolution. He’s switching over, getting focused on the general election, where he’s going to have to talk to that broader audience. So, I think it’s a very natural progression.

TAPPER: So, when he talks about building a wall, or when he talks about deporting 11 million people in this country, undocumented immigrants, is that just playing a part, or is that to be taken literally?

DONALD TRUMP JR.: No, I think that’s to be taken literally.

He’s been — he’s the only person that has been talking about that. He’s the — everyone else jumps on the bandwagon after he says it. He says it, three weeks later, everyone else, once he’s taken all the heat, once he’s taken all the criticism, once he’s taken all of that, then everyone else jumps on and says, hey, wait a minute, this is actually a winning idea. This is something that makes a lot of sense.

And then they do it, because he’s the only one of the candidates that actually ever had an original thought in years.


The mind truly boggles. Trump is the only guy talking about the idea of mass deportation because it is such a boneheaded idea that no one else would talk about it. I suppose making fun of the physically disabled also falls into that same category of tackling long standing social taboos?

TAPPER: So, are you or your sister Ivanka or Eric or any other member of your family, are you planning to help your dad woo delegates one by one on behalf of your father?

DONALD TRUMP JR.: You know, I think we will do some of that. I think that’s natural.

But, you know, I think his biggest thing is wanting to change the process. The fact that the average voter doesn’t even know that their vote may not matter, or that their vote matters, but if you don’t talk about the delegates — you know, my father could do more wooing than anyone. He just doesn’t want to play the game that way. He doesn’t think that is right for the country.

Why should a couple people who are establishment elitists get to go on beautiful vacations? He could send his private plane and take them down to Doral. They could play golf for a week, and then we win that delegate?

That’s the not the way this country should be run, Jake. I’m here with two congressmen from the state of Pennsylvania, and we have to print out cards because every district of the hundreds of districts in the state have three people that could serve as delegates for us or for someone else.

So, you could actually win the state in a landslide. And of the 70- something delegates that are there, you only get 17. The other 50 and change, they are up for grabs for whoever bribes them.

I think this isn’t America. This isn’t a country. This is the way it’s been. And some of the systems, I understand, they made sense 200 years ago, when everyone lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

But I have the Library of Congress in my iPhone. I have all the information I could possibly need. Most people still have cable television, right, and certainly access to news. They know what is going on.

They don’t need this archaic system. But the establishment and the guys like Ted Cruz, they love this system, because they don’t actually have to appeal to the voters. They don’t have to care what the voters say. They just have to grab these umpteen people who have been party loyalists and do whatever the party says. And that’s the problem in Washington. That is what creates the stalemate.

TAPPER: So, are…

DONALD TRUMP JR.: And let me finish.


DONALD TRUMP JR.: Because the one thing I will say is, I know guys that have been involved in the political process in this state and other states for a long time, and they had no idea.


This is typical Trump. Typical spoiled rich guy syndrome on steroids. You go into an enterprise, you don’t bother to learn the rules, you get your ass beat, then you whine about the process. A few points for this brainless Trump git as he has only been a Republican for a matter of weeks. First, the GOP is a private organization. There is no moral, legal, ethical, or historical obligation by the GOP to let people vote of that party’s candidate and it especially does not have to allow Democrats, like the Trump whelps, or independents vote for their candidate. If these people want to vote for the party’s nominee the time for that is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

I am really shocked that this goof was able to make it to the studio without a medical orderly and that he didn’t poop on himself while he was talking. On the positive side, this is the kind of assclown that Trump will use to try to convince uncommitted delegates to vote for him, so it isn’t all bad.



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