WE ARE SO SCREWED. Anti-Trump Super PAC Features John McCain

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There are a couple of anti-Trump super PACs stalking the landscape, scaring children and livestock, spending Other People’s Money, and patting themselves on the back over, well, I don’t know, patting themselves on the back.


The stuff I’ve heard and seen thusfar remind me of what The Producers would be like if Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder were political consultants rather than theatrical producers. Of course, if that had been the case there would be no plot because political consultants never have to show that they have done diddly squat with the money they spend.

Now one group of nimrods has hit upon a killer idea. They will use John McCain to take down Donald Trump. I sh** you not. I swear by the Great Jehovah, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

The anti-Trump super-PAC that spent more than $2 million slamming the billionaire in Iowa is preparing to launch a new secret weapon in New Hampshire — John McCain.

“Probably the only significant strategy shift is we are going to remind voters in New Hampshire about the disgraceful things that he said about John McCain,” said the leader of Our Principles PAC, Katie Packer, who was Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager in 2012.

Trump offended many Republicans when he mocked McCain’s Vietnam War service last July, saying “he was a war hero because he was captured. … I like people who weren’t captured.”

Pundits predicted the remark would spell the end of Trump, but the billionaire not only overcame it, he strengthened his standing in the polls.

But Packer believes the line may come back to hurt Trump on Feb. 9. McCain has long and deep ties to New Hampshire, where he took a surprise victory in the 2000 presidential primary race against George W. Bush, and then won again in 2008.

“John McCain is very highly regarded by Republican primary voters, largely because he’s considered to be a war hero,” Packer said.


Every element of political FAIL you can imagine is contained in quote. The big news. of course, is that this is not 2000 or 2008. This is 2016, when the collective attitude of the GOP electorate towards the GOP establishment is bounded between “hate and disgust” on one end of the spectrum and “burn it down and plow salt into the ashes” on the other. John McCain, to most GOP voters, represents the very worst impulses of the GOP establishment: out of touch, devoid of principles, reeking of self-importance, more than likely corrupt. For the life of me I can’t imagine a single person inclined to vote for Trump who would say, “I don’t care about eminent domain, or abortion, or bankruptcies, or serial adultery, or general craziness, that man insulted John McCain and I will never vote for him.” I’ve never met Katie Packer but from this she sounds like a dead-ringer for how Talleyrand described the Bourbons: They learned nothing and forgot nothing.

I didn’t give these clueless twits my money so I don’t particularly care how they spend it. But what I do care about is this. Donald Trump will more likely than not fail to become the GOP candidate. He will be taken down by the efforts of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and voters like you and me. And the clowns running these useless money-sponges; the people producing frighteningly silly ads and trotting out the “bloody shirt” of an insult against the mildly deranged and generally odious John McCain, they will claim they actually did something useful. And worse than that, they will believe it.



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