(VIDEO) Donald Trump Concedes Defeat In War of Words With Ted Cruz

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In an act reminiscent of “we’ve always been at war with East Asia,” last night on Anderson Cooper’s show, Donald Trump claimed that he was too immersed in New Hampshire to care anymore about his scurrilous attacks on Ted Cruz.


The day after accusing Ted Cruz of winning the Iowa caucuses unfairly and asking for a rematch in the state, Donald Trump says he’s now over it.

“I’m so much into this, into New Hampshire, that I just — I don’t care about that anymore,” Trump said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in Manchester, just five days out from next Tuesday’s primary contest here. “This is the place I’m focused on now.”

What a load of poop.

In the same interview, he has this exchange with Cooper:

At a town hall event moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday night, Donald Trump had fun learning Ted Cruz had coined the term “Trumpertantrum.” Trump said he had just only heard the phrase for the first time and said he’s “going to trademark it before [Cruz] does.”

“One more on Ted Cruz. He did say that you had a Trumpertantrum. Hd you ever heard that phrase before?” Cooper asked the presidential candidate.

“I haven’t actually,” Trump responded. I love that phrase. That’s great. I love that phrase.”

“I’m going to trademark that before he does,” the candidate remarked.


Really? Given the way Trump obsessively follows his media coverage do we believe for even a nanosecond that he hasn’t been keeping up to date on Cruz’s ridicule of him? If they’d asked him if he’d ever heard of Denmark, he would have denied that, too.

Oh Hugh Hewitt’s show, Trump became even more craven:

He says he has always liked and gotten along with Ted Cruz and would not rule him out for his VP.

Trump only backs off if he has lost. He still hasn’t let up on Jeb Bush. Cruz’s refusal to give ground or accept the media narrative on the Ben Carson non-troversy plus his treating Trump like an ill-behaved little kid has to have both confounded Trump’s attack and embarrassed him… assuming the latter is even possible.



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