WTF?? RNC Boots National Review From Debate But Welcomes Anti-Cruz Moderator

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Shutterstock Image shutterstock_370284410
(h/t to Erick Erickson at The Resurgent)

So, the RNC disinvited the National Review as a sponsor for its February 25 candidate debate because of its editorializing in opposition to Donald Trump. This request came from Trump and the RNC quickly caved.


Now there is a more egregious situation brewing.

CBS News correspondent Major Garrett and Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel will join “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson on stage at the network’s Feb. 13 Republican primary debate.

It will be the second debate moderated by Dickerson, who moderated a Democratic debate in November. Garrett and Strassel will be part of a panel asking questions while Dickerson will handle the majority of the moderating. The Journal’s participation in the debate is a new addition which hadn’t been announced previously. Though they are not a co-sponsor, it will be the second GOP debate the Wall Street Journal has participated in; the paper co-sponsored the Fox Business Network debate in November.

Dickerson is a well-known liberal. Major Garrett is as good as you are going to get from a news organization. The problem is Kimberly Strassel.

Strassel has written against Cruz repeatedly. Not in a general critique directed at the GOP candidates or even towards a bill Cruz has introduced or supported, but against Ted Cruz in particular. For instance:


Ted Cruz’s Security Misstep

Another Misguided Cruz Missile

As Erick says:

Going back to Cruz’s entrance in the Senate, Strassel has served more as a court stenographer to Establishment Republicans who hate Ted Cruz. The Wall Street Journal editorial page itself has worked tirelessly to attack conservatives and Cruz calling them, among other things, “hobbits.”

If the RNC is going to run interference for one candidate to protect him from a hostile media institution, they should do the same for all of them.


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