Hillary Clinton Enters the Bunker. Uses Secret Service To Avoid Answering Press Questions

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr Creative Commons https://goo.gl/53aXdl
Remember the outrage over Donald Trump putting reporters in a roped-off corral area?

Now Hillary Clinton is having her Secret Service detail stop reporters from asking her questions.


Seriously. She is a candidate for office, right? What’s going on here? For instance, check out the size of this Clinton “rally” in Nevada.

Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Christie, and even Bernie Sanders can fill venues several times that size.

Hillary Clinton is bunkering down to avoid uncomfortable questions. It seems that the pressure of campaigning, of being covered by not only her tame media allies but hostile journalists, and the dawning realization that this is not 1996 and the Clintons can’t decide what will be discussed. And then there are those unscripted moments in highly scripted events, like when she was heckled by a rape survivor. Attendees to her events are tightly screened. And now she’s keeping the press at arm’s length.


One wonders how long it will take the major media to get as upset over this as they were at Trump?


Do you loathe Hillary Clinton with the hate of a billion suns? Do you think she’s a geriatric Messiah come to redeem us and want to stone me for blasphemy? There is more for everyone in my archive.



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