Ted Cruz Trolls The Washington Post And The New York Times

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Yesterday, a “cartoonist” for the Washington Post named Ann Telnaes drew a particularly vile cartoon in which she depicted [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]’s two daughters as monkeys. The Washington Post subsequently pulled the cartoon but managed to do so without a word of apology to Cruz or his wife or the girls. Truly a class act they have going there. (See RedState coverage of that cartoon here | here)


Now Cruz has struck back. He is trolling them on Facebook in a major way. His cartoon has the twin virtues of being funny (something Telnaes’s cartoon isn’t unless you are some kind of a pervert) and truthful. And his cartoon will be around and be circulated for quite awhile.

Both the Washington Post and the New York Times, on both their editorial pages and in their news coverage, have declared their allegiance to both Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party. As Hillary looks weaker and weaker they have been reduced to writing puff pieces on Hillary and “fact checking” every syllable uttered by GOP candidates.

The good news is that a media environment that had begun to change dramatically in the 2004 election (think RatherGate and the Swift Boat heroes) has now blossomed. It is no longer possible for the mainstream media to report what they want everyone to believe and leave it at that. This is not to say they are being held accountable, they aren’t. If there were accountability the noxious, ill-bred cretin who drew that cartoon of a couple of innocent kids would be out of work. But they are challenged and their narrative is no longer the dominant one.



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