Slate Goes Full Metal Douchenozzle About Colorado Springs

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One sure sign that the world has reached “peak douchebag” will be when Slate goes out of business. That hasn’t happened yet. So they have sent out William Saletan to recycle a tired old trope the left trots out to make themselves feel superior: the real threat to America is white Christian terrorists. In fact, he subtitles his silly little screed Forget Syria. The most dangerous religious extremists are migrants from North and South Carolina.


Our politicians say they’ll stop these killers. They talk about building walls and vetting refugees. If we were serious, we would do it. We would seal our borders against North Carolina.

North Carolina? It sounds absurd. When we think about immigration and terrorism, we think of Syria. But that’s not where our casualties are coming from.

For two decades, the Tar Heel State has been a hotbed of religious extremism, fueled by clerics who preach holy war. The result is a stream of interstate terrorism.

This is nothing but modern day, know-nothing bigotry and self-hating racism of the worst order. Everyone knows Christians are not a threat and that anyone who claims to be motivated by Christianity is not a true Christian but is merely hijacking the name of the world’s greatest religion. Likewise, equating anyone’s race with a propensity toward violence is just nasty racism. Would it be fair, for instance, to lay the murders of most of the 320 people murdered and 1625 people shot thus far in 2015 in Chicago at the doorstep of all black Americans. Of course not, that would be instantly recognized as the ugly racism that it is.

As Leon points out, damned little is known about the guy who shot three people in Colorado Springs, CO — of which none were actually in a Planned Parenthood abortuary. What we do know is that the source of the “baby parts” statement begins with a pro-abortion activist, not with the police, and that were one a thinking man rather than a pathetic leftwing douchenozzle, one would be betting that the man was mentally ill.


Predicatably, Saletan goes on to recycle garbage statistics purporting to show that white Christians are a bigger threat than Muslim extremists. I addressed that claim some months ago and showed you can only get to his conclusion by making up numbers and definitions, choosing arbitrary dates, and then relentlessly lying. For instance, Saletan starts his count of “Christian” terrorists with Eric Rudolph but he doesn’t permit anyone to consider the two people killed and three wounded when Mir Kasi opened fire at CIA employees lining up to go to work. He also doesn’t count 9/11 because you can’t make his case with mere facts.

As I document in my previous post, the source for Saletan’s argument is a very problematic document which Saletan can’t even bother to quote correctly. The biggest howler is this.

Of the 77 people killed in these 27 incidents, two-thirds died at the hands of anti-abortion fanatics, “Christian Identity” zealots, white anti-Semites, or other right-wing militants.

This week’s carnage in Colorado brings the death toll from North Carolinian terrorists, including Eric Rudolph, to eight. That’s just one shy of the nine people murdered in Charleston. Throw in the work of a few lesser miscreants, and you’re looking at roughly 20 casualties inflicted by Carolina extremists.

See what he did here? Suddenly, KKK, “Christian Identity”, and anti-semites all become “white Christians.” And, quite honestly, Saletan just doesn’t understand the whole add-and-subtract thing. But if Saletan wants to play that game, this is where it leads:


Five dead in Chattanooga, TN.

One dead in Moore, OK.

One dead in West Orange, NJ.

Two dead in Seattle, WA.

One dead in Skyway, WA. (these last four were by the same man)

Two dead in Port Bolivar, TX.

Five dead at the Boston Marathon bombing.

One dead at Ashtabula, OH.

Two dead in Buena Vista, NJ.

Three dead in Waltham, MA.

Five dead in Marquette Park, IL.

Thirteen dead at Fort Hood, TX.

One dead in Little Rock, AR.

These are only murders committed by an Muslim for the purpose of alleged revenge on the United States or for offenses against Islam. And the list terminates in 2009. If I had wanted mere murders by Muslims where Islam was the direct cause, like honor killings, I could add another dozen onto this list. According to the FBI, they have charged 578 persons with Islamic terrorism offenses in the first decade following 9/11. If you want to see a list of their major terrorism investigations, you won’t find the Carolinas mentioned as a hotbed of terrorism.

So he claim that “anti-abortion fanatics,

Likewise, Saletan ignores the violence inherent to atheists and supporters of homosexual marriage. The Newtown and Columbine school shooters were atheists. The guy who gunned down three Muslims in Chapel Hill was a two-fer, he supported homosexual marriage and he was an atheist. Gabby Giffords’s shooter: atheist. And, all snark aside, the overwhelming majority of all domestic terrorism investigations have focused on left-wing groups like the Animal Liberation Front and Earth First.


This is what it is. The irony is that Saletan is lying. He knows he is lying. His audience knows he is lying. But he feels compelled to make an utter ass of himself and play the imbecile so can produce talking points for next Thanksgiving.


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