BuzzFeed snivels about being denied press credentials for Papal visit

BuzzFeed, in addition to being an odious boil on the ass of journalist, is one of the most hostile to religion, and dishonestly so, sites that purport to be news sites. So when they applied for credentials they fully expected the Washington Archdiocese to go along.

Back in January, reporter Ellie Hall first inquired about credentials for the pope’s visit, which was the first in a “long series” of unsatisfying correspondences. After failing to receive the requested credentials, Stanton twice e-mailed the credentialing contractor for the visit but didn’t receive a response. “Upon arriving at the credentialing center this morning, I was informed that I had been denied credentials for each of the pope’s events in Washington, and that BuzzFeed as an outlet had not been given credentials for specific events. Rather, we were given the general credential — a glorified hall pass that provides access to a media filing center but no ability to actually cover the pope’s events.” Hall also got the stiff arm.

BuzzFeed reporter J. Lester Feder, notes Stanton, received word that the “decision to not credential BuzzFeed was made by the Washington Archdiocese.” There’s some history between the two parties. Stanton writes in his letter that Feder, a “world correspondent” for BuzzFeed who focuses on LGBT issues, had tussled a bit with Noguchi last year. Cardinal Donald Wuerl of the Washington Archdiocese had agreed to meet with Feder, says the letter, but Noguchi stood in the way: “Ms. Noguchi told him that she didn’t want to schedule the meeting because, in her view, his church coverage has focused on LGBT issues and how the church ‘is standing in the way of some kind of rights,’” writes Stanton.

It is difficult to criticize this decision. When you look at Feder’s body (or rather genitalia) of work, it is a crotch centric stew of hatred for Catholicism and sexual libertinism. It is sort of what you’d expect a sexually confused and frustrated tenth-grader with a fevered fantasy life to write.

BuzzFeed has made a decision to subsidize Feder’s monomania at the expense of anything approaching balanced coverage. They have lost the right to complain when the people they are ridiculing refuse to go along with it any longer. Maybe they can do a cool listcicle on the Ten Worst Things About Being A Click-bait Cesspool and put “Not being treated like adults” as Number One.