Congratulations to Leon on his Washington Post op-ed

For those of you who haven’t seen it, RedStater Leon Wolf has an op-ed in today’s Washington Post– #BlackLivesMatter is wasting its time with Democrats. The opening:

As a conservative who has advocated for criminal justice reform, I have a lot of admiration for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which has been remarkably effective at raising awareness of the myriad ways that black Americans are treated differently — or, put more bluntly, treated worse — by law enforcement. Although I haven’t always agreed with their tactics or rhetoric, I have appreciated the movement’s tenacity and unwillingness to be mollified by platitudes and talking points from politicians who’ve attempted to co-opt them.

That’s why I think #BlackLivesMatter is wasting its time pressing Democrats for answers, or action. The party of big government can’t meet their demands.

Take the time to visit the Washington Post and read the op-ed.

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