Median income falls to a 20-year low

median income

When Obama leaves office he is going to leave behind a legacy of failure. Not only with Iran possess nuclear weapons and our alliances be in tatters, but he has carried out a vicious, no-holds-barred war on the national economy and the American middle class. The left is pushing the concept of “income inequality” attempting to ignite class warfare. They are doing this not out any particular solidarity with the poor but to create a pinata to divert popular attention from the way the American family has been crushed under Obama.


The data is stunning.

Under Barack Obama, median household income has dropped (constant 2013 dollars) to where it was in 1995.

median income table

While some families are weathering this storm, families on the cusp of economic viability are being utterly thrashed. In particular black families have seen all the gains they made during the last decade and a half erased.

When this is coupled with the way actual wealth has been destroyed by the housing bubble  (a bubble Obama is actively trying to recreate because if it was great once it has to be stupendous the second time), the high and intractable number of people who have either stopped looking for work or who are grossly underemployed, the loosening of Social Security disability standards to ease older workers out of the workforce, and the reluctance of companies to take on new employees, you have a perfect storm of economic stagnation that starts to make Jimmy Carter’s era of ‘malaise’ look like the Roaring Twenties.


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