Johns Hopkins student government votes to ban Chick-Fil-A

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Fascism doesn’t start in a blowsy beer hall led by a man with a ridiculous mustache. Fascism begins on the campuses of elite universities. At Johns Hopkins Universtity, it will wear pink lace panties.


At one time, probably before the nonsense of the anti-Vietnam War movement, our universities were the home of robust debate and a willingness to exchange ideas. By the time the Vietnam War was over, non-Marxist, non-progressive ideas were being shouted down in classrooms and on campuses. Now we’ve reached the point where mental deficients and moral cripples are ensuring that no member of any of their favored groups is even exposed to anything that offends them. We’ve seen that with the movement to force cancellation of the film American Sniper at U. Mich, NIU, and now University of Maryland.

The student government at Johns Hopkins University has decided to approve an advisory ban on Chick-Fil-A from locating on campus. Not that Chick-Fil-A has asked to be on campus but just in case it might, the student government decided to ban it.

Johns Hopkins University has banned Chick-fil-A from its campus saying that the restaurant is a “microaggression” against its students.

In an 18-8 vote, the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins voted not to “support the proposal of a Chick-fil-A, in a current or future sense, particularly on any location that is central to student life.”

Why? For a reason only the truly addled could understand:

Micro-freakin-aggressions. Apparently sexual deviance makes one so mentally unstable that the mere site of a Chick-Fil-A would create an unwholesome and threatening environment for the special snowflakes who are now attempting to drive businessmen and women who disagree with them into bankruptcy. Apparently millenia of human experience count for nothing besides some pet minority suffering hurty pants.


Viewed in the most favorable light, this is simply bullying of the most juvenile sort. It is a student government by a rich, priveleged, mostly white middle school mean-girls-clique. Unfortunately, the same proud little fascists who participated in this assault on civil society will carry their same noxious opinions into the work force and harm large numbers of real people. So it is only fair that we give them the recognition they crave:

Who are these future leaders of America?

Sponsor: Charlotte Green. Take a bow, Ms. Green, I’m sure your parents are psyched at having raised such a nice little Nazi.

Executive President Janet Bonsu

Amy Sun

Jason Plush

Executive Secretary Adelaide Morphett



Take a good look. These are the people who will be sending you to the camps.


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