Doddering grandma forgets traffic laws and parks in handicap space

hillary parking

This is straight from the “rules are for little people” school of governance. The school that teaches you how to make $100,ooo over night trading in agricultural commodities and that it’s fine to take multi-million dollar contributions from foreign governments in exchange for policy concessions.

On a campaign stop, somewhere in flyover country

new yorker view

Hillary Clinton’s campaign van (haven’t heard if it has an astro-turf floor like Bill Clinton’s El Camino. Huma Abadin is traveling with her, so who knows?)

This is really par for the course with Hillary. She holds rules and everyday people in contempt. Tipping and other common courtesies are unknown to her. This kind of behavior, when taken into context with what we know about the fundraising of the Clinton Foundation guarantees a Hillary Clinton presidency will make the regime of Barack Obama look like an ethical Golden Age of Athens.