Dave Weigel: Conservative Journalism = Trolling

I usually don’t devote much time to thinking about the third tier Democrat enablers who make up much of the press. This includes anyone at Buzzfeed, anyone at Politico, Ezra Klein, Greg Sargent, and, of course, Dave Weigel.


Today I’m going to make and exception for Weigel because his recent article in Slate is really instructive on how the media operates and how it expects us to operate.

To refresh your memory, Dave Weigel was the tame house conservative employed by the Washington Post to do “Conservatives in the Mist” columns explaining the strange and inexplicable actions of conservatives to the cognoscenti of the left. Unfortunately, Weigel, who was previously most famous for dancing by himself at wedding receptions (I imagine with a generous application of white man’s overbite) was not all that conservative. He belonged to Ezra Klein’s infamous “JournoList” where lefty journalists talked smack when not deciding how to spin the latest news stories in the best possible way for the Democrats.

He was outed and resigned. Then the Washington Post hired Jennifer Rubin who seems about as conservative as Weigel once she came up for air and stopped taking dictation from Mitt Romney’s primary campaign staff.

Now Weigel has published a story in Slate which refers to the coverage of the idiocy at the Vagina Monologues in Charlotte as “trolling.”

According to Weigel, it is “trolling” to report on the Democrats excising God from their platform and their kowtowing to their radical islamist element by not acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is somehow “distracting.” He thinks that the goat rope that followed, the booing of the mention on God and the hapless, befuddled Anthony Villaraigosa’s declaring against all evidence that two-thirds of the body had voted to restore both God and Jerusalem to the platform. It is “trolling” to mention a prominent California delegate compared us to Nazis.


In short, for conservatives to report anything that interferes with the organized fellatio of Obama that passed for mainstream media coverage of the Democrat convention is equivalent to internet trolling.

This is what we are up against this fall. We aren’t fighting bias in the media, we are contending with palpable hostility from a media that is viscerally committed to the re-election of Barack Obama.


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