The Wadded Panties of Jonathan Capehart

The kerfuffle over the scheduling of Obama’s re-election kickoff event continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

In the space of just a few hours on Wednesday, Obama demonstrated his pettiness and his weakness in a way the GOP could never have. What is so hilarious is watching the left change from cheering Obama on to whimpering in a dark corner as their man-god, their light worker, their herder of unicorns is revealed to be an inept Jimmy Carter. Take Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post as an example.


This is how he blogged the White House announcement that Obama intended to hold a campaign event give a speech before a joint session of Congress at a time deliberately intended to conflict with a long scheduled debate between GOP presidential hopefuls. (The zero-gravity White House spokesman, Jay Carney, pointedly compared the GOP debate to a “cooking show” or a “wildlife show.”)

That was one bad-ass move by President Obama. For weeks, MSNBC has been showing commercials for the first post-Labor Day presidential debate with all of the declared Republican candidates. Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. This afternoon, the White House announced the date and time when Obama would release his long-awaited jobs plan. Sept. 7 at 8 p.m.

But, wait. There’s more. Obama will do it before a joint session of Congress. While the folks onstage at the Reagan Library try to look presidential in the eyes of viewers and voters, Obama’s address in the House chamber communicates clearly, “I AM the president of the United States.” Whether intentional or not — and I agree with The Fix, coincidences don’t happen in presidential politics — it’s a go-big maneuver.

My, my, my, but what a difference a day makes. After Speaker Boehner reminded our would-be emperor that Congress is an equal branch of government, Capehart whines:

When George W. Bush was president, harsh things were said all the time by congressional Democrats and their leaders. Some even crossed the line.Yet, while there was disdain for the man in the Oval Office, respect for the office itself was never in doubt. I seriously worry that it’s in doubt now among some Republicans. Each petty slight by Boehner is one more chip away at respect for the presidency.


The duplicity here is nothing short of migraine inducing. When Obama deliberately trolls a GOP debate it is a “bad ass move”. It was Obama making a “go big maneuver.” When he is handed his butt and meekly slithers away it is the GOP and Speaker Boehner who are showing disrespect for Obama.

The only thing Capehart didn’t do was claim that the refusal was because Obama is black but I have no doubt that he’ll soon remedy that deficiency.





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