Krauthammer To Boehner: Give Obama The Time He Wants

According to reporting by Allahpundit at Hotair, whom I have no reason to doubt, Charles Krauthammer believes Speaker Boehner should have acquiesced in Obama’s trolling of the GOP debate.


Simple logic: When your opponent’s in the process of making a mistake, get out of his way. Krauthammer’s theory is that letting The One address Congress that night would have made him look petty (or rather, pettier than usual) while setting up the GOP field for a sweet Obama pile-on at the debate immediately afterwards.

I think this is silly on all possible levels.

There really won’t be a GOP response because the debate as the panel, drawn from NBC and Politico, will determine the questions and and the odds of them allowing an Obama pile-on approach zero. They’ll be too interested in baiting candidates with Bill Keller’s questions on religion.

The speech Obama will give will be nothing but platitudes. Having our candidates respond to his dreck will do nothing but elevate his meaningless proposals and reduce the stature of the GOP field… except Ron Paul.

More importantly, Obama’s speech needs to be given undivided scrutiny. Allowing him to appear in opposition to GOP field merely makes the story about who looked better. At some point some brave soul in the mainstream press has to start covering Obama’s AWOL status in regards to the economy.


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