Congress Fails. Part 931.

Back in February it was Armageddon. Republican Senator Jim Bunning was blocking an extension of unemployment insurance on a matter of principle. He simply wanted Congress to cut spending somewhere to pay for the extension. And by block, I mean he refused to agree to an extension by unanimous consent which would have put a lot of senators, of both parties, in the uncomfortable and unaccustomed position of taking a stand on an issue. The Huffington Post nearly developed an industry in demeaning a handful of senators who were simply requiring a recorded vote.


Yesterday, Congress quietly left town for Memorial Day with a bill to extend unemployment benefits still not passed. Tens of thousands will lose benefits on Tuesday. No one blocked the bill. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi simply couldn’t get their act together, the House getting around to acting on the bill only after the Senate had adjourned.

The crickets you hear chirping at the lefty blogs, like Huffington Post, is the sound of abject and unprincipled hypocrisy. Altogether it is unsurprising.


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