Ron Paul: Is bothered by the "hypocrisy" of the Johnson/Weld ticket; slams "entitled" BLM for creating racial strife

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MSNBC recently (and falsely) reported that Ron Paul had endorsed Jill Stein. The Hill falsely claimed that he encouraged independents and libertarians to vote for her. In reality, Paul did not say any of that, rather he suggested that honest progressives should vote for the true-believer Stein as opposed to the pandering Hillary Clinton.


However, speaking with Dana Loesch Wednesday evening, Paul did reiterate that he cannot support the Libertarian Party ticket, due to what he considers hypocrisy on the part of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

No doubt, Paul sees little value in a protest vote that doesn’t stand for principle. And it has been well-documented that Johnson and Weld are more centrist than libertarian.

Paul was also asked about the Black Lives Matter movement. Asked about BLM last year, Paul agreed that the drug war and police militarization were legitimate problems, also cautioning that there should be more concern about unborn black lives who are being aborted.

But as the BLM movement has gotten out of hand, Paul is now striking a harsher tone. He condemned BLM’s stoking of racial strife, pointing to the anti-property, anti-individual rights belief system that the movement subscribes to.


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