Meghan McCain and the Irony of the Pot Calling Kettle Black

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image courtesy of newsreal

I suppose the phrase “the pot calling the kettle black” is somehow racist now, but since I’m called one incessantly just for being a Conservative anyway, I’ll say it regardless. Meghan McCain epitomizes that phrase and she proves it yet again with her latest inane rambling of her alleged thoughts on Rand Paul.


I admit that when she tweeted that a new article at The Daily Beast, on Rand Paul no less, was forthcoming, I giggled with schadenfreude-y anticipation.  I knew it would be snicker-worthy and I wasn’t disappointed. The only problem is that when I read her reputed writing, I hear things like “ZOMG! Why all the H8rs!!111 Oh, look! Cute shoes!” But, once I tell that voice to get off my lawn (as I’d like to do to Meghan herself), I’m able to somehow muddle through, as a service to y’all. See? The things I do, like read Meghan McCain, so you don’t have to! You’re welcome.

Meghan McCain, of course, jumped right on the bandwagon of her Progressive posse to further the “Tea Partiers are racist” meme. She first set it up by implying that somehow Rand Paul is the face of the Tea Party movement, proving once again that she, like her Progressive buddies, knows nothing about the Tea Parties, nor do they even understand them. It has no face. It has no leader. Nor does it want one. Then, she goes in for the Racist ™ topper:

Paul’s nomination could have been a moment of triumph for the Tea Party movement, as well as for Republicans, but instead it was an embarrassment. And I felt the disappointment firsthand, given that I agree with and support numerous things the Tea Party represents. Like many Americans, I’m angered by the intense spending going on under the Obama administration. But when the movement was given the opportunity to present specific solutions and answer real questions, its leaders nominated someone who—yet again—revealed weird, racist undertones, no matter how he wants to spin it.


An embarrassment for Republicans? Oh my, my tummy hurts! That right there is the pot calling  the kettle black. Also note, she doesn’t list anything that the Tea Party represents. Because she’s clueless, as always. Furthermore, in addition to the unfounded claim that somehow Paul’s answer, which only had to do with specific arguments of potential over-reach of the federal government, had “weird, racist undertones”, she also adds in “yet again”. Yet again? Nice job promulgating the idea that the Tea Parties are racist, Meggie Mac. That should get her invited to some super cool cocktail parties, which are the only kind of parties she seems to know or care about.

As always, Meghan McCain is concerned only with Meghan McCain. And being thought of as “cool” and “hip” and “edgy” so that the right people, in her mind, will like her. She has yet to learn that they only pretend to like her as long as they can use her to bash Republicans. She obviously doesn’t realize yet that is the only reason she is paid – such a depressing thought – for her alleged writing.

She also has yet to learn that the “I’m so brave, I speak my own mind” line doesn’t work when one always takes the easy route and never, ever says anything actually brave. You see, Meghan, you can’t claim to be an individual nor a rebel. You have proven yourself to be a sheep — in cute shoes, yes, but a sheep nonetheless.


She constantly calls for a big tent, calls people ‘haters’ (or H8rs for those of limited intelligence on the Left) and claims she is being silenced. She takes photographs for an ad campaign with duct tape over her mouth, as if anyone is stopping her from speaking. Sadly, oh-so-sadly, they are not. Yet, in the next breath, she seeks to silence the thoughts and opinions of anyone with whom she disagrees. They are meany pants, you see. And not “cool” and stuff. They’ve probably never been on The View, for goodness sake!

The rest of the article is good for a few more snickers, but the conclusion of her thoughtful insight (I can’t keep a straight face whilst typing that) really stands out:

Paul’s role within the Republican Party (if any) has yet to be determined. But one thing I am sure of is that, until we start nominating candidates who have more realistic views of the complex world we live in and stop seeing things strictly in black and white (no pun intended), we are going to continue losing elections and becoming punch lines for late-night talk-show hosts.

Meghan, honey, your buddies are the ones who only see things in black and white. Literally. As for the punch line remark, I suggest you look in the mirror. There, you will see what happens when one refuses to hang their head down in shame and slowly walk away when their 15 minutes of fame are up.



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