RedState Weekly Briefing: Dersh on Fire, Dems Conspire, Psaki Flails, Crockett Fails

Mary Altaffer

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer — we're rolling into summer, after all), and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication! 


#1 - DERSHOWITZ ON FIRE: Legal Scholar Attends Trump Trial, Demolishes Judge Merchan's Prejudicial Conduct — by Bob Hoge 

Here the famed attorney comes up with the best line of the night, bringing up the late great comedian, screenwriter, sex symbol, and playwright whose career spanned over seven decades—Mae West reminded me of Mae West when a judge said, you're showing contempt for the court and Mae West said no, Your Honor, I'm trying my best to hide my contempt for the court. 

I'm sure Costello was trying to hide his contempt for the court, but the judge had such a thin skin that he threatened him. He said he would strike the testimony and hold him in contempt if he rolled his eyes again. You have a constitutional right to roll your eyes and to stare at anybody. It was absurd! 

#2 - TV Anchor Reveals Democrat Efforts to Create Failed Counter-Protest to Trump Rally — by Nick Arama 

Host Curt Menefee expresses the wish that "cooler heads prevail," hoping that there isn't any problem with the people being in the same area at the same time. Scotto said it looked like Trump was going to have "record crowds at the Bronx rally," which "is kind of unheard of for this area." She said the Democrats were trying to reach out to the media to get the word out that they wanted counter-protesters, she said, finking on the Democrats. "Which is kind of interesting because they don't want his voice to be heard, only their voice," she said. 

My gosh, it might just be a revolution going on in New York when people are willing to call out the truth now. Scotto was spot-on there.


#3 - Jen Psaki Tries to Dunk on Donald Trump, Fails So Hard the Audience Ends Up Laughing at Her — by Bonchie

You have to love the Valley Girl accent she puts on at the end of the clip. It's the perfect capstone to such a dumb statement. 

Perhaps Psaki is unaware despite her vast intellectual heft, but the U.S. Space Force was not named after a Steve Carrel movie. "Space Force" was a television show on Netflix that was produced after the creation of the branch under the Trump administration.

#4 - Crockett Mocked Into Next Week for Huge Mistake She Made While Trying to Raise Money Off Fight With MTG — by Nick Arama

She misspelled her own name. That's incredibly funny. She was so intent on pushing the merchandise, she couldn't take the time to get it right. If she can't even get something like this right, what kind of a member of Congress is she? 

I guess we already know the answer to that. She's still trying to grift off an episode in which she looked very bad and immature. But she doesn't even realize that. She thinks she's the hero in this drama, when she fails to act professionally and is continuing in that same fashion with this merchandise pitch. 

People couldn't quite believe it, and many mocked her into next week.

#5 - Biden Implodes at Reporter During Embarrassing Presser, Reveals 'Deal' Around Questions — by Nick Arama


But apparently the reporter crossed him up by saying he wanted to ask two questions. Biden snapped at him and said, "One." He probably only has one answer in his notes to read from and doesn't want to have to deal with anything else.   

But the reporter asked a second one on the ICC move against Israel anyway. You can hear Ruto answering the first question here and then Biden referencing that second question at about 2;35, "You guys never keep the deal" and then he doesn't really answer it. 


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