7 Killed in Brownsville, Texas as SUV Plows Through Crowd

SUV that struck crowd of pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas (5/7/23) (Credit: 9News)

Unfortunately, there’s more mayhem to report out of Texas. Sunday morning, the driver of a Range Rover (SUV), described only as a male suspect at this point, plowed through a crowd of people at a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas, killing seven and injuring multiple others.


Seven people are dead in Brownsville, Texas, after a car ran into pedestrians Sunday morning while they were waiting at a bus stop.

The crash occurred at 8:30 a.m. near the Ozanam Center in Brownsville when a gray Range Rover slammed into the bus stop, a representative from the Brownsville Police Department told ABC News.

In addition to those who died, up to 10 people are being treated for serious and minor injuries at the hospital, according to police.

Video of the scene shows vehicle debris on the street, along with a badly damaged SUV.


Per reports, the suspect is in custody, hospitalized, and being tested for alcohol and drug use.

At least some of the victims are migrants.

KRGV has additional details, including information provided by Brownsville police spokesperson Martin Sandoval.

Sandoval said a criminal investigation is being conducted on the driver to determine what caused the accident.

“I know there is a report out there, they are saying that it was intentional. That Brownsville police is saying this was an intentional accident. Well, I’m here to clarify that Brownsville police has never taken the stand that this was an intentional accident. It is a factor that we have to look at,” Sandoval said.

Several law enforcement agencies are at the scene, including the FBI.

“Their role is they are helping us out simply because there were some migrants involved and of course the migrants are under the custody and care of Border Patrol. So that’s why it becomes a government entity issue,” Sandoval said.


News of the crash comes one day after a shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas left eight dead and seven injured, and just a few days ahead of the lifting of Title 42 restrictions, which is expected to be met with a surge of border crossings sure to impact towns like Brownsville.

While there is no indication yet as to whether this incident was intentional, the fact that it involved migrants in the custody of Border Patrol is sure to have additional ramifications. Per a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson:

Secretary Mayorkas has been briefed on the tragic situation in Brownsville and has reached out to local leaders to offer condolences and the full support of the Department. The Department is in close touch with local authorities to provide assistance.


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