Moore to the Point - The Taste of 'I Told You So'

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We all know that feeling of vindication — when something you’ve been telling or warning others about for a while actually proves true. The more resistance it was met with, the deeper the gratification when you can turn to the most ardent naysayers and declare: “I told you so.”


The release of the “Twitter Files” has, thus far, confirmed that the thumb was indeed on the scale for the left when it came to content moderation, shadow banning and blacklisting of conservative accounts was, in fact, a thing, and the effort to ban President Trump from the platform followed an inconsistent course at best. These were all long suspected by objective observers of the site’s evolution and its increasingly prominent role in politics and media, even while leaders and pundits in those arenas consistently clucked at such as the stuff of tin foil hats.

So these revelations are an epic helping of “I told you so” served up on a platter of Schadenfreude and as such, should be utterly delicious. Yet, they’re not. Because they confirm the worst about fellow Americans to whom we’ve ceded far too much power – that, in their view, the ends justify the means and the foundational framework upon which we’ve built our country and way of life is expendable. And that leaves a very bitter taste.


Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, December 12th. Audio included below.



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