Susie Moore - Talking Democratic Primaries With Tim Jones on The Tim Jones Show

Promo photo - The Tim Jones Show (97.1 FM Talk)

Tim Jones is the former Speaker of the Missouri House and hosts a radio show here in St. Louis every Sunday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on 97.1FM Talk — our local conservative talk radio station (and one of the keys to maintaining my sanity.) My RedState colleague, Chris Arps, is also a regular host on the station.


Tim was kind enough to have me join him in the studio last night during the first hour of his show to discuss the current state of affairs of the Democratic primaries. We covered lots of ground, including Bloomberg, (Hillary) Clinton, Sanders, and Biden — and the overall DNC dumpster fire. We also discussed the ridiculous antics of the #Resistance — and a concept many of their members would do well to consider — Donald Trump Is Not the Boss of Me — or You.

You can hear the entire show here. (My segment starts at around the 15-minute mark – but listen to the whole show – Tim’s got great insights and boundless energy! And his guest for the second hour – Dr. David Lenihan – brings a unique perspective to the healthcare debate.)

Thanks for the listen — let us know what you think in the comments!


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