Now is the time for The Exploitation...and then The Pursuit

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Democrats writ large are reeling over the Northam Kerfluffle.  They have built a party and political/social movement based on identity politics and hypersensitivity.  Now it’s coming back to bite them.


It goes without saying that we should let themselves eat each other.  It’s already started.  As of 0900 Pacific Time, Ace of Spades has posted that Alyssa Milano is calling out Jennifer Rubin for saying that Virginia’s LT Governor is an “eloquent” African-American.  RACE WHISTLING!!!

But we should do more.

First off, all you Call-Out Conservatives.  Now is NOT the time to post articles about how we should take the high road, rise above the mud-and-muck of normal politics and set a shining example that everyone at The Bulwark…sorry, the country, can see.

Now is the time to heed the words of General Grant and Abraham Lincoln, just days before Appomattox.  Supposedly, Grant sent Lincoln a message, that said that, if pressed, Lee might surrender.  Lincoln’s reply is the stuff of legend:  “General Grant says ‘If the thing is pressed, I think Lee will surrender.’  Let the thing be pressed.”  Now is NOT the time to give the Democrats some breathing space, so they can get their feet back under them and get their story straight with the MSM.  (The Bulwark will certainly do that, BTW).   Now is the time to press the Democrats.


In the Army, when they teach us about how to conduct an attack, we learn about the “exploitation” and the “pursuit.”  When you launch an attack—if you succeed, if you break your opponent’s lines, and force them out of their defensive positions…you don’t stop.  You keep attacking.  That’s the “exploitation” part.  If you keep pushing your opponent, they can’t regain their balance.  If you push hard enough, they’ll retreat.  They’ll stop trying to stay in or recapture their current positions.  They’ll accept defeat and fall back somewhere else.

But you’re not done.  You’ve forced your opponent to give up the position they were holding.  But you want to do more.  You want to leave your opponent weakened.  You want to inflict some lasting damage. That’s where the pursuit comes in.  As your opponent retreats, you keep hitting him.

Now is the time for the exploitation and the pursuit.  And, the beauty of our situation is, we don’t need to charge with cavalry or conduct long marches on muddy roads.  We can exploit and pursue with questions.  Questions that make the Democrats justify the obvious contradictions in their positions.


Here are a few questions we should ask, loudly and often:

  • Why does Ralph Northam deserve the benefit of the doubt for his actions in medical school, but the Covington Catholic boys don’t deserve it for their actions as teenagers?
  • Did anyone in the Democrat Party know about these pictures?  If not, why not?  If they did—well, why didn’t they say something?
  • Did anyone at the Washington Post know about these pictures?  If not, why not?  If they did—well, why didn’t they say something?
  • Why isn’t it hypocritical to assert that Ralph Northen deserves a pass for his medical school yearbook, but Brett Kavanaugh needs to answer Senate inquiries about his high school yearbook?

The Democrats wouldn’t turn the other cheek; why should we?

Feel free to add your exploitation and pursuit questions in the comments.


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