Trump Tweet Should Clear Up Any Confusion About Whether Or Not He Means To Fight

As ballots are still being found and counted in several states, the Trump campaign is preparing to have a press conference in Nevada (livestream here), likely announcing an election-related lawsuit there as they did Wednesday in Pennsylvania. Trump, even as races tighten in the Keystone State, Georgia, and Arizona, is putting to rest any question as to whether or not he means to easily concede should it come to that and is instead gearing up for the fight of his life, at least according to his Twitter account.


It may be an uphill climb, but it’s exactly what Trump’s supporters have come to expect from him — and may end up being the very thing that pushes the issue of electoral fraud to the front burner for all Americans after years of concerns from conservatives that such fraud was regularly happening.

The question, as Trump alludes to, is whether there is enough proof to make the case that recounts are necessary in states that are accepting late ballots or that received ballots early in the morning when GOP challengers were either not on the scene to observe counts  or were forcibly removed from counting rooms.

While many pundits and news outlets seem to have already called the race for Biden, and a wing of conservatism is already signaling defeat, Trump has no intention, if his Twitter account is to be believed, of taking his cues from those suggestions. As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway put it:


Game on.


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