Marble Halls & Silver Screens: The Cultural Appropriation Edition

In preparing for this column, my friend/producer from FCB Radio Network and I had an interesting chat about racism because I discuss it frequently in this episode, what with Cuomo’s “Fredo” flap and Sarah Silverman being sacked from a film for blackface antics a decade ago.


My friend/producer is an African-American man from the Midwest, I’m a white woman from the Deep South. He made his case that, although things are better, they’re by no means good; I tried to make the case that tossing racism around as a catch-all accusation over mere disagreement waters down real racism that still very much exists.

We disagreed on some things and found common ground on others. Like grown folks. It was a good talk, and one I wish had made it onto the podcast itself. Hopefully in the future we can make that happen.

As for the episode at hand, however (which marks episode 1 of the fresh new start the show is taking (Brad is off to discover his own brilliance in other realms and we wish him well)), the topics range from the aforementioned Chris Cuomo situation (which, by the way, I thought the guy who filmed him was a complete twerp and had little problem with Cuomo saying he was gonna toss the guy down the stairs), to the pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong (and the lesser discussed ones happening in Moscow).

The latter is fascinating when viewed through the lens of the “children of socialism” the U.S. is plagued with in groups like Antifa, and are literally battling over free speech on college campuses. While Hong Kong protestors sing the U.S. anthem and wave Old Glory, the youth in the U.S. believe China is the stronger nation and that communism is the only pathway toward equality. Strange days we’re living in.


I also cover the tragedy of the Epstein suicide — not for the loss of Epstein himself, but for his victims — and the intent by AG Bill Barr to continue the investigation and bring justice to those the man harmed over the course of decades. I generally avoid the conspiracy theories, so if you’re seeking those, you won’t find them here. But you’ll still be challenged to think about why in God’s name Epstein was left alone long enough to leave this Earth.

I also talk briefly about whether Trump actually did undermine his alleged desire for red flag legislation (I can’t decide  — maybe y’all are more confident in what you think is going on…).

Oh, and Dolemite and the return of Eddie Murphy. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do listen because while Dolemite films are certainly worth an R-rating, they’re also absolutely hilarious. And Murphy is likely to bring Rudy Rae Moore, the artist behind the films, to life in the way only Eddie can.

Listen below!


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