Even Cher Thinks Letting Felons Vote From Their Prison Cells Is Dumb

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Following reports that Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) thought it might maybe, kinda-sorta be a good idea to let the Boston Marathon bomber (and felons in general) vote from their prison beds, Allahpundit at HotAir wrote a hilarious and to-the-point post about one liberal who knee-jerk reacted without clearing her response with the internet woke brigade.


Cher, lately of wondering about the wisdom of releasing illegal immigrants into her city of LA, is now questioning the wisdom of allowing terrorists, rapists, and murderers the right to vote from prison.

To recap: at a CNN Townhall with Sanders, an audience member asked if the Senator thought allowing felons to vote was a good idea.

Anne Carlstein, a junior at Harvard, asked Sanders, “You have said that you believe that people with felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. Does this mean that you would support enfranchising people like the Boston Marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer? Do you think that those convicted of sexual assault should have the opportunity to vote for politicians who could have a direct impact on women’s rights?”

Sanders responded:

SANDERS: So here is — Anne, to answer your question, as it happens, in my own state of Vermont, from the very first days of our state’s history, what our Constitution says is that everybody can vote.  That is true.  So people in jail can vote.

Now, here is my view.  If somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they’re going to be punished.  They may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives.  That’s what happens when you commit a serious crime.

But I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy, yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away and you say, well, that guy committed a terrible crime, not going to let him vote.  Oh, that person did that, not going to let that person vote.  You’re running down a slippery slope.

So I believe that people commit crimes, they paid the price.  When they get out of jail, I believe they certainly should have the right to vote.  But I do believe that even if they are in jail they’re paying their price to society, but that should not take away their inherent American right to participate in our democracy.


Harris, later asked specifically whether allowing such a thing would mean people like convicted terrorist Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev — a.k.a. the Boston Marathon bomber — should be given the vote, the intrepid Senator said, “I think we should have that conversation.” (Harris had apparently walked some of that back by Wednesday morning.)

Oddly, Cher of the hair and and the barely-there public costuming over the years, is less woke than staid and stuffy Sanders and Harris. That is, she was, until she was corrected in her thinking.

Despite her immediate mea culpa, Cher is showing signs of actually thinking for herself and that, of course, could affect how many votes Democrats could get (felons would certainly vote their way, right?) All this is a development Allapundit thinks might make for some fairly entertaining election watching.

Literally the only good thing that will come from this election cycle is watching Cher turn into a Republican. In real time, on Twitter.

This ideological journey can only end with her performing at Trump’s second inaugural. What more apt anthem could there be for the Make America Great Again crowd than “If I Could Turn Back Time”?


He’s kidding, of course. (Isn’t he?)


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