Justin Trudeau Publicly Shames Woman for Not Being Big Enough Social Justice Warrior

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau really soaks up attention from the ladies given his youth and his not-too-difficult-to-gaze-upon mug. He is really pretty (is that disrespectful?).


But on February 2nd, he proved — again — why he’s also frequently saddled with slurs, like being called little more than an “actor” and derogatorily referred to as the “tearful, moral compass of this vast land.”

At a public town hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia, a young woman, admittedly, spends an annoyingly long time shilling for her unorthodox religious affiliation — World Mission Society Church of God — in an effort to convince Trudeau to relax some of the standards religious organizations in Canada must meet to do volunteer work. Apparently, in order to be deemed a non-profit and engage in charitable work, a religion cannot be thought subversive or immoral. WMSCOG believes in the power of “maternal love” to heal and change the world, which is what the young woman goes on at length trying to explain to Trudeau, which makes the Little Lord cranky, according to some reports.

Woe be unto he (or she) that annoys Mssr. Trudeau. He or she may find him/herself publicly shamed for being insufficiently social justice aware because they had referred to “mankind” instead of the Trudeau-approved “peoplekind.”


Pretty odd to shame a woman for not being conscious of her paternalistic ways, particularly one that had just spent several minutes explaining her preferred religious belief that “maternal love” can be the healer of the world.

This guy, amiright? Trudeau can casually adopt pettiness for the crime of wasting his time with a strange, yet perfectly reasonable, request from a constiuent, yet regularly acts offended and aghast at some of the behavior of the American president.

The worst part is that the lady laughs at her mistake, while the audience laughs at her. No wonder our neighbors to the cold North are led by someone who doesn’t respect them. They don’t appear to respect themselves.


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