When You've Lost Your Country of Birth: Hungary Kicking Soros to the Curb

Billionaire financier and backer of all things progressive, George Soros may have some trouble manipulating and bullying his native country Hungary the way he did England when he broke the English pound back in 1992.

Hungary, it seems, has lost patience with Soros’ attempts to use money he’s raised in the U.S. via his vast, left-leaning fundraising apparatus and funnel it to Hungary through NGOs that support, among other things, “open borders and greater migrant resettlement.”

Now the legislature has brought forward a new bill which has been none too subtly dubbed, “Stop Soros.” The implications for not only Soros but other foreign actors in the country could be quite serious indeed…

…Hungary already forces NGOs to report the sources of all foreign donations, but under this new plan, they could impose a 25% tax on such contributions, no doubt discouraging the activity.

Essentially, the legislation is being sold by Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is embroiled in a feud with Soros and is currently seeking reelection, as a way to stop Soros from destabilizing Hungary — and, by extension, all of Europe — by mandating registration of NGOs that “support” what they consider illegal immigration” and possibly issuing restraining orders on “activists” that work in support of these NGOs. “The upshot,” writes Jazz Shaw at HotAir, is “that Soros could be effectively exiled and banned from entering Hungary.”

Considering Congress opened an investigation into Soros last year for misappropriating funds that had been donated and sending them to groups some lawmakers considered “socialist,” maybe the U.S. and Hungary could get together to keep Grandpa Troll from “speculating” the world into mass chaos and a quasi form of worldwide centralized governance. If they’re not already, that is.

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