Wow: CNN's Oliver Darcy Gives Up Game in Explaining Three on One Debate 'Fact Check' Strategy on Trump

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As RedState previously reported, the New York Times announced Monday that they would have 60 reporters and 29 so-called fact-checkers covering the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, making clear in the process just which nominee would be the focus of the bulk of their coverage (three guesses).


"How do you cover a historic presidential debate that includes a candidate convicted of 34 felonies in what he has called, without evidence, a 'rigged trial,' and that will air on TV absent an audience? With a few dozen reporters and fact-checkers," their article began, while later noting, without evidence, that they would be on hand "to offer context, insight, photos, reactions and fact-checking."

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CNN will be hosting the Thursday night debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Ahead of the evening's festivities, there has been a lot of talk, with some of it coming from the Trump campaign, as to the anti-Trump bias of the debate's moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

As we documented, Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt appeared on the network Monday, where she was promptly cut off by CNN anchor Kasie Hunt after bringing up Tapper's bias.

But though Kasie Hunt might be shy about admitting to CNN's one-sided coverage, their senior media reporter, former Brian Stelter sidekick Oliver Darcy, is not.

In a "Reliable Sources" newsletter put out earlier, Darcy point-blank admitted that the fact-checking strategy for CNN would revolve around Tapper, Bash... and Biden keeping Trump in check (bolded emphasis added by me):


What's more, while CNN has said it will not fact-check the candidates' claims in real-time, Trump's propensity to spread dangerous lies and corrosive conspiracy theories will put some onus on Tapper and Bash to make sure the Republican does not abuse the platform to peddle some of his favorite dishonest talking points. While much of that responsibility will fall to Biden, placing it entirely on him would create a dynamic in which there is no baseline truth on matters of enormous significance such as the legitimacy of the 2020 election. In cases of fact versus fiction on critical matters, a he-said, he-said dynamic would not serve the audience well. CNN will need to account for that.

In other words, Darcy is cheerleading the fact that there will be a three-on-one debate strategy at play, with Bash, Tapper, and Biden working together to rein in Trump. But no fact-checking will be done on Biden, apparently.


Further proving the point that the fix is in was a tweet Wednesday from their purported fact checker, Daniel Dale, who has been away from social media since September but who all of a sudden is back in action on the Twitter machine just in time for the debate:

Just to prove to everyone how Dale views fact-checking Trump versus Biden, let us take a look at these gems:

And perhaps my favorite one of all:


Imagine having the bar set so low that being able to utter a few coherent sentences is considered a victory for Joe Biden. Worse, imagine fearing a candidate's message so much that the network hosting the debate feels the need to triple-team them - all while heavily restricting media access during the debate.

Just a terrible look all the way around for CNN, but we knew better than to expect much out of them.

The debate starts at 9 pm ET. Make sure to keep it here as we'll be liveblogging it from start to finish.

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