WATCH: John Kirby Accidentally Makes Cori Bush’s Bad Week Worse During CNN Interview

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Unquestionably, it has not been a very good week for Squad member Cori Bush (D-Mo.).

On Monday, Bush learned that she was getting a formidable primary opponent in her solidly Democratic district, St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, who among other things cited Bush's atrocious statements on the Israel-Hamas war as a factor in his decision to drop out of the Senate race to unseat Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and challenge her instead.


And on Tuesday, Bush faced a wave of criticism including from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) after she tweeted that she had allegedly "cosponsored a resolution condemning Hamas for hostage-taking and urging their immediate release" in a two-tweet mini-thread where she boasted about her "ceasefire" resolution - which does not, in fact, have anything in it about Hamas, hostages, or condemnation of it.

Sadly for Bush, her day only got worse when National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby appeared on CNN for an interview and was asked about Bush's allegation, which she made Sunday, that Israel was conducting an "ethnic cleansing campaign" against the people of Gaza.

Anchor Dana Bash asked him what the Biden administration's thoughts were on what Bush claimed, and specifically used the correct pronouns, etc, to describe Rep. Bush as a woman.

But Kirby proceeded to... misgender Bush in his answer:

BASH: I want to ask you about this. The fact that this war is really dividing the president's Democratic party. Today, Congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted that Israel was conducting an "ethnic cleansing campaign," and the U.S. was funding, "atrocities against Palestinians."

As a key spokesperson for the Biden administration, what's the administration's argument to this Democrat about why I am sure you believe she's wrong?

KIRBY: Well, the congressman can speak for himself and his views. Obviously, we would take a significant issue with those assertions. We are helping our ally and our partner Israel go after Hamas terrorists that perpetrated the worst terrorist attack on Israeli soil, probably in their entire history on October 7, their version of 9/11 and maybe then some, if you just do the ratios. It was dramatic, and it was a slaughter, and we're helping them go after those Hamas terrorists.


Whoops! Watch:

When I first saw this I wondered if he might have thought Bash said Sen. Cory Booker, but then Kirby referred to "him" as "Congressman," so presumably he was referring to a member of the House. 

But Cori Bush is the only "Cori" on the House side. I couldn't find a "Corey" or "Cory" or anything similar (if there is one, lemme know in the comments).

Bush, I should note, is a firm believer in erasing women from the public lexicon considering her position on referring to women as "birthing people" so as not to offend any transgender "men" who might get pregnant, so presumably, she won't get too freaked out about being misgendered by John Kirby.

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