How It’s Done: Tennessee Sheriff Has Must-Watch Warning for Criminals Targeting His County

Tipton County (TN) Sheriff Shannon Beasley speaks to WREG-Memphis, Aug.14, 2023. (Credit: News Channel 3 - WREG Memphis.

We read a lot in the news about Democrat-run cities that are seeing surges in their crime rates thanks in part to soft-on-crime local leaders including District Attorneys (and Mayors in some cases) who believe more compassion should be shown to the perps than the actual victims.


It's a highly frustrating situation that has led to a mass exodus in cities like Oakland and San Francisco, as fed-up residents decide enough is enough, and end up bailing to safer states like Texas and Florida.

In Tipton County, Tennessee, however, one Sheriff is alerting criminal elements who come into his county that they absolutely will not play around when it comes to finding them and delivering justice.

On Facebook Saturday, Sheriff Shannon Beasley provided an update on the search for five suspects who allegedly recently burglarized a local liquor store. In it, Beasley put criminals on notice regarding what would happen if they victimized anyone in the community:

Ok folks, this is the burglary that our remaining two suspects were fleeing from around Joe Joyner/Navy Circle I posted about earlier this morning. They have still not been captured.

I will say this again, if you bring it to us we are going to bring it back at you! If you think we are going to let you run back to Memphis, or anywhere else, without any've got us confused. You may walk out of jail in other areas without posting bond but I promise you, you will NOT walk away from here without sitting in our "five star" facility and thinking about what stupid choices you made. If you have the time to kill sitting in jail, I got just the place for you.  We may not catch you every time but if you keep messing  around...your luck will run out.


Beasley's message caught the attention of News Channel 3 - WREG Memphis, which interviewed him and gave him the chance to elaborate on his thoughts regarding how his county would do things differently than they do in Memphis:

“One thing going to happen in Tipton County. If you come here and you bring those stupid crimes to us, we promise you you’re going to pay bail and you’re going to pay your time,” he said. “And if you want to come up here and commit those crimes and you’ve got the time to sit in jail, I promise you I’ve got the place to put you.”

That’s exactly what happened to three of the men responsible for the burglary at Whiskey Business. They remain in the Tipton County Jail with no bond.

Judson Naifeh, the owner of two local food stores, told the news outlet that it was understood among the locals that if you do bad things in their cities and towns you would be caught and would do the time.

"...if they’re going to bring that stuff out of Memphis to here, our law enforcement officers and our DA’s and our judges, they’re going to pay for it. They’re going to pay for their crime here," Naifeh said to WREG.



Out west and looking to move to a safer part of the country? Tipton County may be just the place for you. Just sayin'.

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