‘Police Have Been Defanged’: Filmmaker Unloads Over San Francisco Car Break-in (With an Assist From Elon)

Conservative author Shelby Steele examines the damage done to his rental car in San Francisco after a break-in, June 14, 2023. Credit: Filmmaker Eli Steele.

Though the crime issues plaguing Democrat-run San Francisco are well-known – with businesses and residents alike packing up and heading to safer pastures in droves, prominent California Democrats like San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed, and the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, seem to want to gloss over the issue and insult the intelligence of their critics instead of acknowledging the problem and putting forth concrete, non-woke solutions to combat it.


“Those folks who don’t walk the streets in San Francisco, that don’t live in San Francisco, but they want to write about and commentate about San Francisco,” Breed huffed during a May press conference.

“I challenge you to come shop at the stores that you’re complaining about, which you probably never even stepped foot in the first place,” she went on to say.

But though Breed and Newsom are just two of many Democrat “leaders” in the Golden State who want you to believe that everything’s under control, it most assuredly is not, as explained by L.A. filmmaker Eli Steele, who on Wednesday was out on San Francisco streets filming with his father, conservative author Shelby Steele, when their rental car was broken into, with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment stolen after they’d stepped away for about ten minutes.

Eli Steele composed a lengthy Twitter thread on the matter, sharing his frustrations over not just the incident and what else he witnessed that day but how it was handled (or not) by the police department.

Here’s some of what he wrote:

Steele posted a video of the incident as well:


Below, we see Shelby Steele inspecting the vehicle’s damage:

Next, Steele documented his trip to the police station, where he discovered a room full of people who were all there to report car break-ins:

Astonishingly, brazen robbers tried to continue their spree while Steele and his friends were at the police station:

“People asking where this was. On top of famous Lombard Street,” Steele also wrote. “One of richest neighborhoods in SF and America. I’ve worked dangerous neighborhoods for years and nothing like this.”

Fortunately, Eli Steele dealt with a nice police officer at the station. Unfortunately, that same officer regrettably informed him that nothing likely would be done about the break-in of his rental car and the loss of expensive equipment:


“We just left police station. The officer was kind and took down all info. She expressed sympathy and said nothing will likely happen: ‘The police have been defanged.'”

Steele then noted that, incredibly, San Francisco Democrats were still pushing to further defund the police while at the same time pushing for reparations:

On the GoFundMe page that was created to help the Steeles raise money to buy new equipment to replace what was stolen, it was pointed out what their filmmaking adventure was about that day:

Today June 14 in San Francisco, while shooting their documentary WHITE GUILT, based on Shelby Steele’s book of the same name, Eli and Shelby Steele’s and fellow Oakland filmmaker Terrell Allen’s film equipment was stolen out of a rental car in the middle of the day on Lombard Street.


Ironically the film explores how defunding the police has hurt society. Now, the filmmakers, themselves, have become victims of the very thing the film is about.

Eli Steele also shared stories he’d heard from multiple people in the area including his insurance agent who have gone through similar situations, with no help whatsoever from the police.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk chimed in with similar stories as well:


Back to Steele, he ended his story on this note:

“We have to get off this bottom.”

Indeed, they do, but it won’t happen as long as people continue electing Democratic officials who keep sticking their heads in the sand. Then again, why should any of the leftist lawmakers care? After all, they have taxpayer-funded security on standby.

It’s a sobering, enraging thought when you think about it.

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