Even CNN Isn't Safe on the Streets of San Francisco

The shattered back window of a car being used by a CNN news team, after it was broken into in San Francisco. Credit: Kyung Lah/Twitter

I must confess, I like San Francisco, which once was a beautiful city with all kinds of interesting history. But with Democratic leadership for decades, it’s disintegrated into a place where it’s no longer safe to be on the streets—and crime is through the roof.


It’s not even safe for a CNN team with security, as they found out on Friday. CNN correspondent Kyung Lah posted about how she, her producer Jason Kravarik, and their team were there for an interview at City Hall. They left security to watch their car and the crew car.

I don’t know what happened to the security for “four seconds.” But Lah said in that short time, thieves broke into the car and swiped bags out of it, although the security was able to stop them from taking even more.

The security did manage to get a picture of the getaway car — an Infiniti — and the license plate.

But they probably stole the car, too.

Lah said people should know that it isn’t safe.


Lah said her passport and ID were in one of the bags taken, so she was going to have to try to figure out how to fly back to Los Angeles on Southwest Air without ID.

What she found out when she spoke with Southwest was that they were used to this situation because it was happening to so many people there.

Lah noted this was also happening to people who fly out of Oakland, where cars are being hit by thieves.

Lah subsequently reported her bag was found, so she was able to get her ID and business cards back.

She reported that a “community safety patrol” run by residents found it.


The irony of the story? They were in San Francisco to cover citizen anger over rampant street crime.

I’m glad they’re safe, and they were able to recover some of their stuff.

But will they take away the right moral of the story, now that they’ve been hit by crime themselves? Probably not. It’s CNN. But why do they think that crime has gotten so rampant in San Francisco? It’s because of radical DAs who have not held criminals to account. The people recalled the old radical DA Chesa Boudin. Imagine how bad it has to be when the very liberal folks do that. But they still have a long way to go, and businesses have been fleeing because they just can’t take the losses anymore. Meanwhile, the city seems focused on paying out many for “reparations.”

How about just focusing on keeping citizens safe? That’s the main job that they’re supposed to be doing here, and they’re failing at it miserably.



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