The Struggle Is Real: Jake Tapper Tries Coping as Trump Miami Birthday Celebration Airs on CNN

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As RedState previously reported, former President Donald Trump was arraigned in a Miami courthouse Tuesday on 37 federal counts related to the classified documents probe.


But as Trump was inside formally going through the process of arraignment, outside was quite the scene, with supporters including a sizable number of Hispanic Trump fans showing up en masse and cheering. At a later point, a protester jumped in front of Trump’s motorcade and found out rather quickly that wasn’t a good idea.

An attorney on Trump’s legal team, Alina Habba, also gave a speech on the courthouse steps in which she laid into the Biden administration for what many Republicans have described as a banana republic-type two-tier system of justice with the Dept. of Justice being weaponized against President Joe Biden’s political opposition.

Though facing felony charges is a serious matter, in the aftermath of his appearance at the court Trump was all smiles, stopping by the famed Cafe Versailles Cuban restaurant, where supporters prayed for him and even sang happy birthday (Trump’s 77th birthday is Wednesday) at one point, as we also reported.

Hilariously, CNN left-wing reporter Jake Tapper, who we’ve been reliably informed by Jake Tapper himself is a Very Principled Journalist™, was on air along with two of his equally-somber looking colleagues when CNN decided to show the footage of Trump at the restaurant being showered with attention, which greatly fauxfended Tapper:


“To the folks in the control room, I don’t need to see any more of that. He’s trying to turn it into a spectacle, into a campaign ad. That is enough of that. We’ve seen it already. Ah, let’s go over again the 37 charges that Donald Trump is facing…”

Watch (Tapper’s comments start at the :40 mark):

Tapper might want to try harder at learning to cope, because the DOJ’s stunt is already backfiring, with support for Trump rising higher as more and more fed up people see right through what it appears Biden’s DOJ is trying to do just 18 months before Election Day.

Further, as New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) pointed out in a lively exchange with former Biden press secretary-turned-MSNBC host Jen Psaki last Tuesday, Democrats and the media – CNN especially – have only themselves to blame for why so few people believe criminal allegations against Trump anymore:


What happened in New York was wrong. I mean, it really was. They are beating up on Trump for political reasons, everybody sees that. What happened with the Russian “collusion” that never existed effectively exonerated the guy, so he can play a victim card. You’ve all created a situation where, God, what kind of planet are we on where Donald Trump’s become the victim? That’s really what it is.


Yeah, but nobody buys that any attack on Trump isn’t anything but political. You’ve created, everybody has, kind of, created this scenario, he’s playing it to the fullest. He is playing the violin strings better than anyone imagined which is why his poll numbers have miraculously, are actually going up.

Sorry not sorry, Jake Tapper. Facts first and all that.

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