Video: Pete Buttigieg Further Embarrasses Biden Admin on East Palestine Issue During CNN Interview

Allie Vugrincic/The Vindicator via AP, Pool

It’s an understatement to say that the Biden administration has not exactly covered itself in glory with their unacceptable response to the February 3rd East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and the toxic environmental crisis which followed.


In particular, Dept. of Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg has shown yet again that he doesn’t belong in the cabinet position he was put in by President Biden, first with his bizarre declaration earlier this month that there are too many white male construction workers involved in infrastructure work, to him trying to falsely blame former President Donald Trump for what happened, to the fact that he couldn’t even be bothered to visit East Palestine, Ohio until some 20 days after the fiery incident took place.

And even that didn’t go well.

Here we are close to a month into the investigation into what happened, and one person has been conspicuously absent from the scene: Joe Biden. He’s made excuse after excuse for not traveling there to show support for residents, at one point even bragging about how he “made a whole [Zoom] video” on the situation or something.

But videos and phone calls are not enough, as past presidents have learned the hard way. In the eyes of Pete Buttigieg, however, there is one simple and acceptable excuse for why Biden hasn’t visited.

It would be too “disruptive”:


His comments were reminiscent of the bogus and insulting explanations Biden advisors and allies have previously given for him on other issues, including him not visiting the southern border. For instance, Biden White House advisor and former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took the cake in December with her remarks, saying in a nutshell that a Biden visit would tie up too many resources and be “disruptive.”

“Is that the best use of resources?” Bottoms also asked rhetorically as the border crisis worsened.

In another example of poor excuse-making coming from Democrats on why Biden isn’t doing his job, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said during a Fox News interview in December that Biden didn’t need to visit the border, that he had handlers (admin officials) who would visit and report back to him on what they saw.

“He’s seen the photos,” she stated, while also whining about the “fixation” on the “little issue” of wanting to know why the President of the United States has not made it a priority to show up and see the issues firsthand.

As was the case then, the excuses now don’t add up. Maybe visiting just a few days after the derailment would have been a bad idea but it’s been almost a month now and surely Biden could make the time to stop in and tour the area, right?


Apparently not, because it appears he’s getting back into tip-top “campaign form” by conducting business almost exclusively through video conference calls, just like he did during the course of his 2020 campaign for president.

Expect more of this “manage by video” style of “governing” from Biden in the weeks and months ahead as his handlers once again seek to mitigate the damage that inevitably occurs when Biden appears in public. It’s sad, really, but unfortunately, that’s where we are with this at this point.

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