Back to the Basement, Joe? Biden Reportedly Wants 2024 Campaign HQ in His Wilmington Home

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While it’s hard to figure out what goes on in Joe Biden‘s vacuous mind, one thing seems clear: The 46th president of the United States delusionally believes he’s doing a bang-up job for “the American people.” Given that irrational reality, Joe likely thinks “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” regarding the 2024 election.


So, since Joe’s basement campaign worked in 2020, surely it’ll work in 2024. On Planet Biden, that is.

As reported by The New York Times, Biden is reportedly pushing to locate his 2024 campaign headquarters at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, where classified documents were found stashed away in November.

Yes, really. And the hell of it?

From a broader perspective, Biden and his inner circle (handlers) are likely astonished that after two years of mumbling and fumbling, serial lying, and continuing to intentionally screw tens of millions of hardworking Americans with inflationary prices and likely tax increases, Joey from Scranton is still the guy of the Democrat Party and its lapdog liberal media sock puppets.

So, why not let addled Biden head back to his basement?

Apparently, there still exists a pocket of Biden supporters who don’t agree with Joe’s basement strategy. Reports suggest some Biden advisors believe his Wilmington home “would make recruitment harder, with younger campaign aides not eager to spend a year in a sleepy, small town.” Other advisers reportedly want the headquarters in Philadelphia, where his 2020 campaign was based. Kick these people to the curb, Joe! You don’t need no stinkin’ rational thinking folks to mess up your “brilliant” plan!


Speaking of brilliance, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported on Monday, White House officials, outside advisors, key allies, and party strategists plan to frame the 2024 election campaign as a contest, not a referendum on Biden himself. As The New York Times put it: competency vs. crazy.

And when the left refers to “crazy” in the Republican Party, they mean Donald Trump.

While I’m not going to waste time here debating whether on not Trump is the “very stable genius” he claims to be, to suggest that Joe Biden doesn’t have a screw or two loose is to deny reality. Biden can’t remember where he is half the time, the names of his cabinet members, and that he’s the president, not Kamala Harris, as he continues to introduce his embattled word-salad-prone vice president.

The decision on the location of the headquarters remains incomplete, as the pro-basement crowd and the anti-basement crowd hash things out, but that said, reports suggest Biden will launch his 2024 re-election bid in April, despite dismal polling for the president on all fronts. One recent poll found that just 37 percent of Democrats want Biden to run again, down from 52 percent prior to the 2022 midterms.


Not a joke, Jack. But, hey — when has Joe Biden ever paid attention to his toilet-circling poll numbers and as a result, changed course on anything? Moreover, his administration on multiple occasions has pretty much suggested American voters are too stoopid to understand the complex brilliance behind Joe’s initiatives. [eye-rolling emoji]

And what about that mental fitness thing — or the lack thereof? 

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll released Friday, 67 percent of registered voters believe that Biden, at 80, is showing he’s too old to be president. While 57 percent have serious doubts about Biden’s mental fitness, 75 percent of Democrats of course believe he’s mentally fit for the job, while 85 percent of Republicans have serious doubts about the guy’s mental competency.

And in the key demographic — generally ignored by know-it-all keyboard jockeys on both sides of the aisle — 67 percent of independent voters said they were leery of Biden’s mental fitness and 71 percent said Biden shows signs that he’s too old to be president.

Even CNN reported that Biden’s age is “constantly” brought up in focus groups, according to an individual with knowledge of focus group sessions:


Many [participants] veer toward assuming he must be ineffective or being puppeteered: ‘brain dead,’ ‘mush’ – ‘dementia’ is a word that comes up all the time.

Nuff said.

Anyway, back to that very stable genius stuff.

Not to defend “the other guy,” or slam him, either, but if Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is all you got against “crazy,” you better find another guy.

And as for some of my Republican friends, perhaps you should do the same.

The Bottom Line

Six words: Less crazy, less baggage, forward-looking.


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