Ivan Provorov Gets the Last Laugh After All

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We’re four days out from the start of the sports media-generated “controversy” over Philadephia Flyers player Ivan Provorov’s refusal to participate in a “Pride Night” pregame warmup which included players wearing Pride-themed jerseys and using hockey sticks decked out in rainbow tape colors, and as it turns out, Provorov has come out of this smelling like a rose.


When last we left you, Provorov was still getting hit with a lot of hate from sports reporters and commentators, including NHL Network senior reporter E.J. Hradek, who proclaimed during a broadcast on the network that maybe Provorov should just pack up and move back to Russia, where ironically they are even more intolerant of opposing viewpoints than wokesters like Hradek. He also suggested maybe Provorov should enlist to fight in the Russia-Ukraine war.

But in a delicious twist on this story, Provorov – whose team and coach are supporting him – has seen his jersey sell out at two major online hockey stores in the aftermath of the attacks on him:

Multiple news outlets including the Post Millennial, OutKick and Washington Examiner have since reported that the Philadelphia Flyers Provorov jerseys have been selling out in multiple stores online. As of the writing of this article, the only Provorov jerseys that remain in the official NHL shop and their partner, Fanatics, are for women.


And per the DC Examiner, “On Fanatics, the defenseman is listed as having the most popular men’s jersey, women’s jersey, and sweatshirt, and his Branded Backer shirt is being advertised as the most popular seller related to the Philadelphia Flyers, according to the online store.”

Provorov sparked “outrage” among The Usual Suspects prior to the Flyers’ Tuesday home game against the Anaheim Ducks (which the Flyers won 5-2), where he opted not to participate in pregame “Pride Night” festivities. When asked about his decision after the game, he told reporters that he respected differences of opinion but that he chose to sit it out because of his Russian Orthodox beliefs:

The ensuing sports media uproar earned Provorov a surprising defense from TikToker Clarkson Lawson, a gay man who ended up ripping the “Alphabet Mafia” over their dictatorial-like tactics against those who don’t wholeheartedly wrap themselves in the rainbow flag in a video that to date has over 2.5 million views.


“The fact that we have this incessant need for validation shows that we’re not actually secure in who we are,” Lawson stated. “We don’t need a pride night or a pride month. Just live your life, be happy with who you are, and stop trying to so hard to garner validation from people who are not going to give it to you.”

“Our acceptance of ourselves should not be contingent on other people agreeing with us,” Lawson went on to say. “If you truly want to be happy with who you are, find validation from within. Your life will be way better off because of it.”

‘Nuff said.

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