Gay Man Delivers Hard Truth to 'Alphabet Mafia' Over Outrage Surrounding Christian Flyers Player

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The absolute meltdown happening from LGBT activist groups and their media cohorts over Ivan Provorov, a Philadelphia Flyers hockey player that refused to don an LGBT jersey during practice due to his beliefs, has been fascinating to watch.


It’s interesting, not just because it’s elicited the predictable outrage from the predictable outrage groups, but because it’s invited a solid wall of pushback against these outrage groups by many different kinds of people, including people in the LGBT community itself.

The trouble started on Wednesday when a video of Provorov went viral, featuring him giving a brief explanation about not wearing the “pride” jersey due to his religious leanings. Despite this, Provorov made it clear that he means no offense to anyone and that he respects others’ choices, but he was going to stay true to himself.

In a normal world, this would have been a perfectly reasonable statement to make, but we’re currently not in a time of normalcy. At this point, we live in the age of social tyranny with many different groups vying for the throne. According to the social justice groups and their allies, Provorov shouldn’t just wear the jersey, he should also be happy for the privilege of carrying their message. That he’s not carrying their message means he should be sent back to his homeland in Russia and be thrust into the deadly Russia/Ukraine war , according to one sports commentator.


Amidst the firestorm that this simple, but respectful, refusal caused, one gay man on TikTok has decided to speak out and address the LGBT community as a whole.

Clarkson Lawson, a TikToker who often comments on current affairs from the perspective of a gay man, saw what was happening to Provorov and not only came to his defense, but he chastised the LGBT activists and their allies for attempting to force themselves, not just on Provorov, but society as a whole.

“Somebody explain to me as a gay man or a gay woman, what you personally get from requiring somebody who doesn’t agree with being gay to validate your sexuality,” said Lawson.

Lawson briefly explained the situation and noted that, “naturally,” the “alphabet mafia” is losing it over someone not agreeing with the LGBT lifestyle. He continued, saying that this is a problem that needs to be addressed in the LGBT community.

“The fact that we have this incessant need for validation shows that we’re not actually secure in who we are,” said Lawson. “We don’t need a pride night or a pride month. Just live your life, be happy with who you are, and stop trying to so hard to garner validation from people who are not going to give it to you.”


“Our acceptance of ourselves should not be contingent on other people agreeing with us,” he continued. “If you truly want to be happy with who you are, find validation from within. Your life will be way better off because of it.”


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Lawson’s point is absolutely one that needs to be considered broadly by the social justice community, not just the LGBT community itself.

If your ideas and stances work for people then they wouldn’t need it forced on them. No idea works for 100 percent of the population either, and for those for whom it doesn’t work, arguments can be made and debates can be had, but if they don’t want it, they don’t want it.

The LGBT community, the feminist community, and even the climate change community, all take the approach of forced acceptance by general society with punishments for even disagreeing a little. If the beliefs and positions of these communities worked for everyone, they wouldn’t need to be the would-be societal dictators they are.

The bottom line is that these activist groups need that societal acceptance, not because they truly believe people need to see them as right, but because they need to convince themselves they are. If they didn’t care about what others thought and truly lived a life of self-confidence and acceptance, then these pride months, pride events, and every other form of validation our society heaps on them wouldn’t be necessary.


In one simple TikTok, Lawson pointed out a massive gaping flaw in the LGBT activist community’s actions–and it’s not a good look for them.


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