Liberal Media Loses Its Mind Over Texas and Arizona Busing Illegal Aliens to DC, NYC

(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool)

Democrats have been ignoring the crisis at the border, as border states are getting flooded by illegal aliens and then the Biden team has been releasing who knows how many people into the country. But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott finally got their attention by busing them up to Washington, D.C. and now, he’s included New York City.


Abbott noted that NYC was an “ideal destination,” because just like D.C., it’s a sanctuary city. “I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,” Abbott said about NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has also been busing illegal aliens up to D.C.

The actions of Texas and Arizona are causing the Democrats to flip out, now that they finally have to deal with the problem in the cities they control. They’re not happy with it, with Washington, D.C. calling it a “humanitarian crisis” after they received 4000 people over a couple of months when some Texas cities can receive that number in a day. That shows just how much the plan has been working.

But there’s also another side benefit to Abbott’s brilliant move: showing the utter hypocrisy of the media as well.

Suddenly, they’re also concerned about the influx of illegal aliens into Washington, D.C., and New York City when they haven’t seemed to give a darn about them flooding across the border. Guess who they’re blaming for the problem? Not Joe Biden, but the Texas and Arizona governors.

Here’s how the NY Times described what was happening, “G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast,” and claiming this was using the illegal aliens as a “political tool.”


The piece cited a D.C. City Council member claimed, “This is a crisis created by Republican leaders in other states, however, unfortunately it’s fallen on the mayor to allocate resources locally.”

Vanity Fair claimed the Republican governors had “successfully created a migrant crisis” in the northern states.

The Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak called the migrant buses “a cruel, political stunt” that has devolved into “relentless, inhumane cruelty.”

The WaPo editorial board wrote, “Mr. Abbott and Mr. Ducey hope to cause trouble, to make it seem as though migrants inevitably lead to chaos and thus compel the federal government to pass more draconian border policies.”

NPR says that the GOP governors are sending the people but they have “no plan.”

Wait, who doesn’t have a plan? All these illegal aliens came in under Joe Biden. Where’s his “plan”? Of course, his plan was just to let them in and overrun the border states’ facilities. But now, just a fraction of the numbers that flood Texas and Arizona go to D.C. and New York, and it’s a “crisis” and “inhumane cruelty.” What was it when Joe Biden was letting them into the country? Why weren’t they calling Biden “cruel” and pressing him to do something?


What is “cruel” about giving people a bus ride to such liberal meccas as D.C. and NYC? Aren’t those cities sanctuary cities? Aren’t they saying thereby they want illegal aliens to come to their cities and they’ll take care of them? So how is this “cruel”?

Seems to be a great plan by the governors to me and it’s working like a charm if this is the reaction.


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