Elon Musk Signals Major Shift in Handling 'Very Online' Critics Going Forward

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As we reported earlier, Twitter head honcho Elon Musk got quite the reality check this week after finding out that despite putting in a good faith effort to work with his Very Online critics on the left to assuage their supposed concerns about how things would be run, they continued to press the boot on the necks of Twitter advertisers, some of who Musk says have abandoned ship.


“Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists,” Musk wrote. “Extremely messed up! They’re trying to destroy free speech in America.”

Musk had dropped a big hint the day prior that something was amiss with advertisers, posting this now-closed poll in which an overwhelming majority of Twitter users said advertisers should support free speech and not political correctness:

Now one would think that considering Musk’s position in the world and how he’s demonstrated on Twitter that he gets that the hard left aren’t the proponents of free speech and open dialogue they pretend to be, he would have already understood that appeasing the activist left never works. Ever.

They don’t stop no matter what you do. They just keep on keeping on because the goal is either forced capitulation to The Cause™ or societal cancellation – punishment for WrongThink.


In response to Musk’s tweet, some of Twitter’s more prominent users gave him some advice. And fortunately, he appears to be on board with taking it.

“It’s time to stop appeasing the activists because they will stop at nothing to hurt Twitter regardless of what you do,” Twitter user and conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong advised after Musk shared the news about advertising revenue losses.

“You’re right,” Musk acknowledged, signaling an important shift in how he’ll deal with his disingenuous critics on the left going forward.

I’m not sure if he’s ever been on the program, but if not, perhaps Musk should consider guesting on Joe Rogan’s show where I suspect the advice on how to stop worrying about pleasing your duplicitous critics and just go about your daily business would freely flow.

As we all know, The Usual Suspects have been trying to cancel Rogan for some time now because he dared to think differently and question the government at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in this country. But instead of the left being successful, Rogan’s Spotify podcast has continued to grow in popularity, with Rogan laughing all the way to the bank.


Further, Spotify has stood by him in the midst of it all, proving once again as popular “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling has also repeatedly demonstrated after LGBTQ mobs went after her that sometimes the best response to woke mobs on the left is to yawn, stretch your legs a little bit, and speak out even louder.

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