It Dawns on Elon Musk That Not Everyone Is Interested in a Free Speech Twitter

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It’s been a week since Elon Musk took over the helm at Twitter, and it has been a popcorn-fest so far, mostly because of the Left’s huffy outrage over the fact that their entitlement bubble has now been burst. While work still needs to be done on the social media site, the targeting and suspension of conservative and right-leaning users and outlets seems to have been paused, if not yet diminished. As well, fact-checking of the Left’s, and the White House’s — but I repeat myself — spurious tweets is now allowed to happen when, in the past, their misinformation was allowed to be spread with impunity.


It all adds up to the depressed demeanor and faux wrist-slashing of the elitists who assumed Twitter was their personal playground, but have since been disabused of that notion.

Musk continues to have his fun, and they hate that even more. Nothing more disgusting to the Left than a Happy Warrior.

There was a wholesale meltdown over Musk spreading “conspiracy theories” about #PelosiGate, because he checked Hillary Clinton’s tweet attributing the Paul Pelosi attack to the Republican Party encouraging its followers to violence. This despite the fact that Pelosi’s alleged attacker David DePape is not even a Republican, let alone a right-winger. But this bunch never allows facts to get in the way of a good narrative. What caused even more outrage is that Musk linked a website that has been known in the past to spread “disinformation.”

Clutch the pearls! Where is “Scary Poppins” Nina Jankowicz when you need her?

Musk has also been owning AOC and her dim-witted take at the possibility of Twitter charging everyone $8 a month to obtain and maintain that precious “Blue Check” verification. Bottom line: They’ll never be happy with Musk, his meritorious leanings, or the free-speech direction that he is taking the platform.


Frankly, Musk has been rather open and informative about his moves, not to mention always entertaining.

However, there are those who are not just pissing and moaning, but they are intent on burning down the House of Musk, and Twitter along with it. These hacktivists are targeting Twitter’s advertisers, whose spines are as mushy as overcooked spaghetti, and sadly, they are achieving their ends.

From Fast Company:

The ongoing fallout from Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter could have an even greater significant impact on the company’s bottom line than anyone expected.

IPG, a major global advertising conglomerate, has recommended its clients “temporarily pause” advertising on the social media platform, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to Fast Company. The firm is concerned about Twitter’s future commitment to trust and safety under Musk’s leadership.


IPG, also known as Interpublic Group, has a huge roster of blue-chip clients that includes Mattel, Coca-Cola, Amex, and Spotify, to name a few. It is considered one of the so-called Big Four agencies, alongside WPP, Omnicom, and Publicis Groupe.

The firm is recommending a weeklong ad pause as it engages with Twitter on how it will move forward, although it’s currently unclear how many of its clients will heed the warning, if any. At least one major advertiser, automaker General Motors, has already said it would suspend ads on Twitter, although it downplayed the move as typical considering the change of ownership.


Musk tweeted that this reduction in ad revenue is indeed affecting the bottom line.

Musk is a smart man, so I am assuming he is simply issuing a statement of fact. But it almost sounds like a new revelation to him. There is no such thing as appeasement with the Left. As Dana Loesch emphatically states, NEVER give in to the outrage mob, and she’s right. There is no bottom to their outrage, and there is no end to their thirst for retribution.

Did Musk not understand that people who have held sway over how media is generated for decades, and have decided who gets heard and who doesn’t, aren’t willing to see that power be given away capriciously? Not to mention given to the very unwashed masses that they hate, who can’t even get verified?

Perish the thought.

These folks do not give one wit the damage they have caused, not only to free speech, but to individual lives, and the actual income and revenue of other independent journalists, content creators, and influencers who are simply trying to disseminate their content and reach their target audiences.


Happy that Musk has realized these Leftist elites don’t give an iota’s worth of care about free speech except to see it destroyed. We knew this all along.

Welcome to the party, pal.


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