Where Is Joe Biden?

I remember back when George W. Bush was president and the mainstream media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) would relentlessly dog him whenever he went on vacation as though presidents are ever really “on vacation” whenever they take one.


Presidents are, of course, almost always accessible in the event they are needed for official business while they’re on vacation, can make speeches, phone calls, send emails, etc., most anything they can do while at the White House.

But there’s a big difference between the supposed leader of the free world taking a break each summer for some downtime and one who is absent from the Oval Office for some “time away” more often than not throughout the course of their entire presidency, which brings me to Joe Biden and how much time he’s spent out of the spotlight and being inaccessible to the media in recent weeks alone.

To get the gist of it, here’s a breakdown of what his schedule has been like since he caught COVID – twice:

Yes, you read that right. After returning from vacation (after over two weeks of quarantining) to sign the bogusly named “Inflation Reduction Act,” Biden turned around and headed to Delaware not even at the midway point of the week.


So apparently Biden found it within himself to carve out some time from his South Carolina getaway to jet back to D.C., sign a bill that even the CBO confirms will have no positive impact on inflation until possibly 2026 and which will also put millions of hardworking Americans on the radar for IRS audits, and then promptly departed for more family time, where he will be mostly inaccessible to the press outside of the occasional bike ride or visit to the ice cream parlor.

This has become a pattern for Joe Biden, starting three weeks into his presidency, which I should note has not even come close to hitting the full two-year mark yet:

One doesn’t have to be a conspiracy-minded person to think that all of this is by design courtesy of his handlers (past and present), who no doubt figured out in 2020 that the best way to drag a gaffetastic, incoherent Joe Biden over the finish line with as little media scrutiny as possible is by sequestering him as often as possible, whether it’s completely out of the spotlight or by way of heavily scripted events – whether virtual or in-person – where they can tightly control the dynamics, the press, and most important of all the president.


“Part of what makes this so interesting — it’s undoubtedly been one of the best months of his presidency,” author/editor Gabe Fleisher suggested. “Calls to mind the 2020 campaign, which Biden won while staying relatively out of sight. Suggests that Biden is most successful when people mostly don’t see/hear from him.”

Gee, ya think?

All of this raises another far more concerning question, one that I and others have raised before. With Biden so frequently hidden from view because of his inability to refrain from embarrassing himself in public, how can we know for sure that these “accomplishments” he and the media faithful have been touting came about because of his purported work behind the scenes (“in the dark“) — and not someone else acting on his behalf instead?

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