Consummate Never Trump Grifter Becomes Never DeSantis Right on Cue

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No politician has ever drawn the ire of a certain sect of “Republicans” more than Donald Trump. For the last six years, he has been their sun and their moon. Everything has revolved around Trump’s every utterance. Going all the way back to 2016, these Never Trumpers have worked to nuke electoral victories all out of some misguided notion of “principle.”


It didn’t matter that the other side was offering abortion until birth, a wrecked economy, and the destruction of America’s governing institutions (the filibuster, Supreme Court, etc.). These Republicans saw themselves as the moral center of the universe.

With that said, it was never really about Trump, and that has become more clear as the 2022 midterms approach. The same people who insisted it was just about the bad orange man are now making the case to keep Democrats in control of the House and Senate, and right on cue, they are becoming Never DeSantis as well.

So let me get this straight. DeSantis is scamming supporters by collecting donations? Isn’t that what every single politician does as they build their campaign war chests? In the case of DeSantis, he’s clearly raising money for a 2024 run as well. How is that a scam?

But the details don’t matter here because this is what Never Trump does. They aren’t actually principled, and they don’t actually care about advancing conservativism. Rather, it’s all grifting all the time. Alyssa Farah, for example, has gone from someone who argued the election was stolen in 2020 to now being a fierce critic of Trump and a big fan of the January 6th committee. That’s not a coincidence.


I’d encourage you to click on Nate Hochman’s thread because he lists well over a dozen examples to show how Farah’s political opinions tracked perfectly with who is cutting her checks. The moment she got a chance to be the new “conservative” on The View, everything changed for her. Now she’s a media darling who claims to be an even-keeled critic of the right. In reality, she’s just shifting with the winds to make sure the dollars keep rolling in.

That’s the only logical explanation for why she would attack DeSantis like this for simply raising money. Has she ever attacked Stacey Abrams for raising money? Or Joe Biden? Of course, she hasn’t. But DeSantis represents a threat to her gravy train, which is being a “right-wing” critic of Donald Trump. If Trump isn’t the nominee in 2024, she becomes irrelevant, and she knows it. Thus, DeSantis is the enemy, and if he does take the nomination two years from now, Farah will try to get whatever Democrat is running (it isn’t going to be Biden) elected. It’s all about the money and always has been. That’s what the swamp is all about.



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