High Drama: 'Never Trump' Panelists on CNN Turn on Each Other During Wild Must-Watch Segment

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While political junkies on both sides of the aisle and all across America eagerly look forward to the polls closing in Georgia tonight so we will know – hopefully, sooner rather than later – who won the two remaining Senate races, Democrats and Never Trumpers alike have stepped up to inadvertently provide us all with some entertainment while we wait.


Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton performed her act yesterday in a tweet in which she proclaimed, without any hint of self-awareness whatsoever, that President Trump’s “one goal” was “to distract people from the fact that he lost.”

Her tweet was but a pitiful warm-up act for the real show that was to come later in the evening on CNN, however, when a Don Lemon-hosted panel of Never Trump Republicans started shouting at each other Monday night as they tried playing one-upmanship games regarding their anti-Trump bonafides while trading insults.

It all started after former Trump White House comms director Anthony Scaramucci suggested that one reason people were drawn to the Trump “cult” was because of identity politics. Fake Republican Ana Navarro took issue with his statement, and it went downhill from there, with NeverTrumper Amanda Carpenter taking swipes at Scaramucci on live TV and Scaramucci responding in kind:

NAVARRO: It’s a stupid–You know damn well it’s a dog whistle. You’re too smart for that, [Anthony].

CARPENTER: Well, he worked for Trump, so I don’t know.

[Lemon laughs]

SCARAMUCCI: You worked for Ted Cruz, a full-on traitor. What are you talking about? You don’t have any standing to say that.

CARPENTER: Excuse me? Excuse me, Anthony Scaramucci.

SCARAMUCCI: You worked for Ted Cruz, a full on traitor. C’mon.

CARPENTER: I remember you going to the cameras and praising Donald Trump to the hilt. When I worked for Ted Cruz, you want to go there? He took principled Constitutional stands. Excuse me, what was that? You really think I should answer to you? With my work history, when you were Donald Trump’s communications person willingly? Get lost.

SCARAMUCCI: Don’t be a hypocrite on national TV. I owned to the mistake of Donald Trump. Try not to be a hypocrite on national TV.

CARPENTER: You were Donald Trump’s mouthpiece. Everybody knew what kind of person he was then and has shown himself to be now.

SCARAMUCCI: 74 million people voted for him. This is the country you’re living in.


It’s even better when you watch the video of the wild segment. Check it out below:

Becket Adams provided the perfect translations:

This is what happens to unprincipled political grifters when it appears they’re on the verge of losing their meal ticket. Bless their hearts…

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